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I am Jeff Schwartz alongside Danny graves embarrass Jones. And we head back out to Dodger Stadium to hear what losing manager. Dave Roberts had to say about game five in the World Series in general. Would you see from Clayton tonight? I thought I thought he had really good stuff. I did. I thought he was mixing the fastball. Two different quadrants. I thought competed like you always does I thought the slider was good. I thought the breaking ball was good. There are a couple of mistakes in there with the fast ball. Pierce JD the ball that just didn't get there. And the Mookie slider just sit and get there. And that's a good club over there. Very good club a great club. And. So when he did make a mistake they hit the ballpark, and you gotta give credit to David price over there. He puts a heck of a ballgame. And couldn't put together couldn't get baserunners and really stress him at all. So. Was pretty straightforward. But I can't say enough about you know, what Clayton what our guys did. And unfortunately, we can shorting issue. Bradford on third row. You can you say just to sum up your club this year, you know, all year, you've kind of gone up to the edge and always come back from a and finally he just ran up against a really good team. Well, I can't say enough about our ballclub the fight the compete all year when when it didn't look so good our guys stuck together. Stay the course and believed in one another and put ourselves in a chance to win a championship. And that's not easy to do to get to the World Series. Where two teams are playing at the end the very difficult. There's a lot of hard work that that comes with it. A lot of sacrifice and you've got to have good players. And we did that this year are bachelor against the live numerous times. And there were markers points where we could have went the other way. But we found ways to win baseball games and ran up against a very good ball club and just a little bit too much for us. Arosh over here. When you come so close what? Now in your mind is needed to get over the hump. We've just got to go back out there. And and I expect us to be back here next year. But celebrating on the field. I think it's I think the culture the players as far as the the large majority are in place. I think there's a lot of good things. I think the some of what we've what we're doing. What we've done is the arrows pointing certainly in the right direction and. Baseball. So unpredictable. You got obviously give yourself a chance to get to the postseason. And once you get there, you just gotta be planning your best baseball. And so thick you look back in. You gotta appreciate the talent the team that you're playing against. I don't think we played our best, but part of it, and you got a lot lot of it is you gotta give credit to the opponent. And. We had a lot of time to think about this one. But again springs that'd be around the corner. And like I said, I expect us to be here next year. Dave Roberts from Los Angeles after the tough loss and ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. Protecting your small business is a big deal cover. What you've worked for. Visit progressive commercial dot com. I'm just Schwartz alongside Danny graves and bear Jones this locker room on ESPN radio conversation. I've wanted to have for a while. And I slowly sort of have on Twitter. I am central giants baseball fan. So I'll start this conversation by saying that so maybe I'm a little bit biased toward the toward the giants in in my hatred for the dodgers will show a little bit here. But Clayton Kershaw is one of the best pitchers of this generation. He is a surefire first ballot hall of Famer we had boo. Shotgun earlier who called him a top five pitcher maybe ever by the time. He's done at least top ten. I mean, he's he's had in two thousand fourteen is era for the season was one point seven seven era in the regular season is two point three nine. His whip is is just about one which is ridiculous. I know he owns the giants watching play against the giants. But it's postseason pitching has not been this. This is not include tonight, but it's not gonna help. But his era in the postseason is four point two eight has whip is a little bit higher. He doesn't quite do the same especially when he gets to the third time around the order, and I just feel like Danny on this first since you play the game, obviously. Why does he keep getting a pacifist? I feel like if you are the best pitcher of generation you should be the best pitcher in the postseason. I it's a small sample size. And which is the argument that book made I understand I understand that. But we're seeing a panel, right? This is a closeout game tonight. For the Red Sox? But a game the dodgers had to win to stay alive. He gives up a two run home run in the top of the first inning Red Sox are paid to play baseball too. They have good players are the best team this year. But we keep seeing this repeated pattern from from Kershaw, and I feel like because we liked the guy and he's such a great pitcher in the regular season. So elite that we give them a pass for not being that guy in the postseason. Do you really think that he's getting a pass? Yes. Almost every baseball guy that I follow on Twitter gives him a pass every single time. Like, they blame. Oh Boston's a good team. Yeah. They're good team. Oh, you know, the catches. It wasn't in Milwaukee. A catcher's interference on that one plane, and there was a scene I single and oh just his stuff wasn't. There was a third time through the order like all these excuses. And maybe this is all my daughter friends who to six excuses to me, we all these all clinker Shaw. Jefford here. Yes Kershaw as now allowed eight home runs and potential elimination games. It's the most of any pitcher name it'll be history. Boom Barrett from the top rope. I can't I can't argue against his poor postseason pitching. But I honestly believed that he doesn't get a pass. And I get it. You probably have guys saying that you know, trying to make excuses for him. And the only thing I can say about that is he's a genuinely nice guys. So they're trying to find something. Good to say. That makes any says not that that's the right thing to do. But you know, at the end of the day one other topic. Yes, exactly at the end of the day. I think he is taking heat for it. People are criticizing him left. And right, just like they were David price up until this these last two rounds, so layoffs thirty seconds ago, thirty minutes ago. Yes. I mean, it's gonna it's gonna take Clayton Kershaw to have a couple of good games in a row. He's had good gains. But just he doesn't put them together throughout the whole postseason. So it's going to take that and hopefully change everybody's opinion on fair. Not your legacy. A lot of times in sports coming down. What happened in the postseason? Well, coming up next. We'll talk about David price. It wasn't too long at Boston fans want nothing to do with him. And now, they love him, of course, World Series champions. How'd he turned things around that's next eastern radio and the ESPN app? David.

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