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I think a lot of the fans that i had hoped that mccarron would start due last two games uh the bingol said no uh but after that pass maybe they're rethinking much done shook in cincinnati let's go to alan siegel foxborough bills and patriots allen forward you're going to be interesting to see what happens but it's very possible that we had a game can't you moment over the last couple of minutes because after uh steven house gooding steven gostkowski had created field goals the bills went on another march lipid successful marching today the guy for the patriots sixyard line that a third and two tarakiette other had an incomplete john mcdevitt sensing that he'll goals aren't going to win today tried to go for the the uh first down at that point and marquees flowers had a sack of the patriots took over on doubts have really done much offense of actually on this so in sewage series there right now have a third and at seventy our law a certain seven on their own fifteen yard line so they haven't looked shocked but the bottom line is we are tied three three with 1035 to go here in the second quarter and tom brady has just been pick and tom brady is just separate a pick six wow uh jordan lawyer jordan foyer seemed to be the player that uh picked it obvious i looked up so right now the bills who've just taking control those they just talked to you you know i was going to say i was a little surprised that they decided to go forward at that point because you know still very early in the game but apparently they decided to go for it didn't work but they have recovered very nicely cam newton on a short run wood is down am not sure if he took a helmettohelmet hit but i doesn't seem to be the case i'm not sure where the injury may have occurred will get more from kevin casey in just a couple of moments he's coming out of the game looks like it may be a shoulder sowa i'm not again not sure but certainly never a good sign for the.

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