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New York has a question for Helena. What's your question Spencer? High What was the most surprising thing you witness? When you had at a sleepover at Windsor Castle with Daniel Craig years ago was annual was Kinda surprising at the whole thing was real? well as I was just it. You know. It's completely surreal. It was never met Daniel Somehow because Windsor I immediately saluted him as if he was changed and most around the queen was there and the number of laughed and Princess Anne was there but the whole thing was surreal. And she's some. It's a week because you don't think they're real. Thank God they have a job. What's the movie about? It's about a it's about a dupont chemical spill. That is not known about as much as it should be. And it's it's a harrowing tale of corruption wild and and heroic. Are you a dupont. Yes I and yes you are okay. Let's go to Sara from Ohio for Victor Garber. Hey Sarah which question I want to know. Have you heard anything about alias. Three since Jennifer Garner had said something was in the works last year I have not heard anything more other than I won't be in it because I'm dead. I'll write Haiti flashbacks. There's always flashbacks now. I think I think they may want to do a another idea of alias. But not with the original cast so good luck all right. Let's go to Erica. Got From Virginia. Hi Erica what's your question. Hey Andy my question is for Helen. Yes hello what was Prince William's reaction when you drunkenly asked him to be your child's Godfather and have you seen him. Since did you drunkenly Aspirin William to be the child's Godmother. What was his his reaction? Wasn't that drunk enough trunk for drink anymore. I thought he was just very he he. He wasn't totally sober. Oh right okay. That's a bad way. It was just very thing is my. I'd spent all my friends as parents on my first child. So Billy only at eleven called parents and so I thought I could make up for no came along and we didn't have any left. I thought well if if I get for Prince William that will cover yes you just said. You don't want me to be godfather to your left. Then I mean obviously it didn't and we we didn't it didn't work. It didn't work out really funny enough. Let's go to Jalen from North Carolina. Hey Jamie question hi. My question is for Victor Scare. Victor what was your initial reaction when he first read the rumors that you and your friends. Bradley Cooper were eighty years ago. There were rumors I think. You and Cooper were. Data's Reiner will reiner wasn't thrilled about okay. That's your husband. Yes and he's here and they kind of have from a distance there's they were right tall and blonde hair. Yup Anyway We we just loved it. We laughed so you and Bradley loved data. Yes all right. Well guess what you guys telling about him Gardner. Maybe playing one of the most famous royals ever but when it comes to asking shady JD questions. I'm the one wearing the crown. So Helena Bonham Carter. The time has come for you to plead the here. You.

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