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Happen. Chief of police Garcia of Dallas Police Department Mayor Eric Johnson, mayor of Dallas in Dallas District attorney John Cruz. Oh, you will come to my house, You were publicly apologize to my wife to my grandson Jackson into his parents, our youngest daughter, Austin and Dad J. D. Now I want to see this happen by close of business two seconds. Okay, This is luck. I liked Lieutenant Colonel Allen West a lot. Been friends for a long time, and I've been friends with Sergeant Mike Mata. Both have been guest in the last hour. About this, uh Situation on Friday night. Something doesn't make sense here doesn't make sense. There's been no legal proceedings. No discovery. There's been nothing So why would you call for the resignation of a police officer Doxing her on social media. That doesn't make sense. And that doesn't if you were to say Allen West did that, And I hadn't heard about this story. I would say no, I think you're wrong. Um There's just too many things here that don't line up. Um, So before you start calling, and I'm saying this to Lieutenant Colonel West before you start calling for people's resignation and making demands on the governor or Excuse me on the the mayor, the D a. Um And the police chief. Maybe we ought to wait for due process and see exactly what's happened now, um, I had not heard before, like 15 minutes ago that the body cam footage Has been released in, according to Sergeant Mike Mata. It's obvious that nothing got out of hand. So there's there's just got to be more to this story. And, you know, I'm not a neophyte in the in the Area of politics or media, So a certain portion of this has got to be damaged Control for a campaign for the governor of the state of Texas. I get that and I expect that And there's nothing wrong with trying to put a good light on the bad situation. I understand, But, um, there's just something about this story as we've heard it so far. That doesn't add up John and McKinney. John, How are you doing? Good afternoon, sir. How are you? I'm good. Thank you. Hey, listen, Pleasure speaking with you again, Thank you and your family in law enforcement for what they do. I'm a proponent in the backer of the law enforcement. I just wanted to bring up Something as you were speaking earlier with this crazy world that it is there and the Democrats playing their sin and Egan's every waking moment, even when we sleep every day. Who's to say that Maybe someone in the Democratic side set something up on this incident for lieutenant Colonel West and respects to him for his service. Or maybe even someone in the rhino section coerced with the Democrat Party. Set this whole thing up to not getting out of the governor Governors race and discredit him. It's just something to think about. I mean, I wouldn't put it past any of this. Against Lieutenant Colonel Allen West because he's black. He's an American first black by race, and he is a staunch conservative. What Ingredient Can you get that makes the Democrats more nervous than that. That's true. That's true. Good call, John. I don't know. Um yeah, First of all, nothing. A Democrat does whether it's regional or a federal level surprises me Nothing. Rick, you're implying that Democrats play dirty pool? Yeah, well, okay. If that's been playing, I do, and I think there's probably a few Republicans that would do the same thing. But the thing with a set up you have to have an awful lot of people involved in playing a part in that setup. Um is it possible you know anything is possible. All I know is I've talked to Lieutenant Lieutenant Colonel West. I'm talking to, uh, Mike Monitor from Police Department. There's something missing in this story. Something missing. But I think until there's at least a judicial review in the least at least until there's new process, which any one of us Any one of you listening myself. Anybody? You know, we have a right to that until that happens. You know, nobody should be fired for anything. Um, the the doxing. I don't get that doesn't sound like Lieutenant Colonel west of me at all, Um There's just certain elements of the story that don't add up at this point in time. David and Arlington David, how you doing? I'm doing Well, Rick, How are you today? I'm good. Thanks. Good. Um, it's good beyond with you. Uh, I think Colonel West is pretty ticked off. Um, you know, and some of the things that he said doesn't add up. Uh, he said his wife didn't blow the limit. That was the first red flag that came into my mind was she didn't blow the limit. Well, An officer sees that there has been something consumed and they didn't meet the limit. Uh, you know, people can act pretty squirrel. Even if they're not. They didn't meet the limit. Um and you know he's I think he's pretty ticked off when he says things like, who doesn't use their signals. Um, to get apology to a three month old, That's that's really far reaching. So my complete assessment of this Rick was I personally like to get all the facts before I get involved in any dispute, whether it's my spouse, my kids. I don't I don't care who it is. I'm gonna try to get all the information I can before I stand up and get loud. Because I'm might be just sticking my neck out there to get it locked off, and that would look embarrassing for my family. Well, yeah, I mean, you and I both know and you know, I Younger when I was younger man, I probably had a hotter temper. I've matured out of that, I think, but we all have a temper at varying degrees. And, you know, angers a strange thing It'll make you say and do things that you wouldn't normally say and do And some of those things you can't take back. So you've got to be very careful with what you say and do When you're in that emotional state, you know, I I don't know He's upset. Of course, he's upset. You and I are not privy to the conversations that he's had with his wife that That may have stoked the anger. I'm not sure but I will tell you this had Lot of things that lieutenant Colonel West said. Have they been given to me by a third party? I wouldn't have believed it. So, um, because I He just It's not been my experience. It was that type of guy. But you know, the turn signal thing made no sense of the apology from always. The people made no sense. Um, I mean, there's how about due process? That's the only thing that needs to happen here to get the full story. Don't you think I do think that, And I think that's why it's such a precious remedy for us here in America, and we need to hang on to it and keep fighting the liberals that are trying to take things like that away. So take your time. Amen to that, David. Thanks for a good call. I appreciate it. Lisa in Grand Prairie. Lisa, How are you? I'm fine, and I know you're doing well. Thank you so much. Okay, Well, what I wanted to say that Lieutenant Colonel Alan Wes, I think he deserves more respect than what he's getting from the radio and TV commentators. This man I know he has saved Soldiers lies he has say and work for citizens and he's worked for this country. And like I said, he saved our soldiers lives, and I'm an old soldier. Okay and I hope that he doesn't forget. That no matter what he does. That we are still, he is still Walking around and working a rail in a country where we I live in a monster open enemy. Okay? And what Open. Enemy in America. We are living around amongst open enemies. The enslaved is that bodies here. I'm not talking about racism and all that stuff. I don't want to go there anymore. What is that? What's an open enemy in your estimation? Would be Can't slave, his open enemies and their riches That came from it, Uh, even the experiments that they did on the paper. Okay, Lisa, forgive me. Good call. I appreciate it. You're entitled to your opinion, but the black lives matter line is 1 800. Okay? I'm sorry. This is not about Lieutenant Colonel West. Everybody respects this.

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