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Nearby islands or Shelters and another dire environmental situation. Taking place on Indonesia's main island of Java. At least one death reported following an earthquake measuring magnitude 6.0 No word of any tsunami warnings theme head of Indonesia's earthquake and tsunami centers still urging people to avoid areas where landslides could hit. Hitting too close to home for some state leaders trying to do something about it. Anti Asian attacks ordering an increase of police patrols and Asian communities that hits close to home for me and my family. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan first introducing the state's first lady Yumi Hogan, born in South Korea, they have three daughters. Words are not enough. It's also personal for the head of the task force. Hogan's appointing former federal prosecutor Robert her. I am now concerned. For my parents to safety and the safety of other members of my family. The governor says. Hate crimes targeting Asian Americans in Maryland more than doubled since 2018 Chuck's Iverson ABC News, April is sexual Assault and Child Abuse Awareness month reported violence against girls and women has increased during the covert 19 pandemic. Jamie Roth is with Western Illinois Regional Council and Community Action Services is a problem here in the area. People don't like to think that it does happen here because it's rule Illinois, but it happens here, just like it does everywhere else. It's a global problem. Nearly one out of every three females and one in every six males will be victims of sexual assault before their 18th birthday. Jim Krystle, a CBS News, the chief medical examiner, who ruled George Floyd's death a homicide. Remaining firm in his findings. Dr Andrew Baker, testifying yesterday that Floyd died from the force applied by former police officer Jared Show Vin and not from drugs or any underlying health problems. CBS News Legal contributor Rebecca Roy Fi re previews how she expects Show Van's defense team to do beginning next week. We're going to go over the video, particularly the video before those 9.5 minutes because I think what the defense is trying to do is focus the lens out, Pull the lens out and have the jurors focus on what was going on before. Um, these, you know, infamous 9.5 minutes that we have all seen in the hopes that that will tell a different story leave a different narrative in a different impression on the jurors. Woman is accused of killing Floyd by pressing his knee on or near. Floyd's neck for up to 9.5 minutes. The defense contends show Vin was doing his duty and that Floyd died of drug use or heart disease. Another major setback for the Boeing 7 37 MAXjet, some of the planes being grounded. Due to electrical issues. Ken Moelis, Tina with Katie, VT. Television in Dallas is this move comes Justus. Many of the airlines were hoping for increased travel. As more people get vaccinated, American Airlines tells us 17 of their max jets toward taken out of service. Dallas based Southwest Airlines says 30 of their 58 Max jets are affected by this and United reports 16 of theirs had to be grounded. The woes come a time when the airline industry is still struggling to ramp up air travel during the pandemic. E 7 37 Max was grounded for about two years following too Deadly overseas crashes. Coney Island's iconic amusement park has reopened following a real roller coaster of a year..

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