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Bring up. Great having you guys here tonight and I do that you know. I saw this in the chat so we got Easter Sunday coming up this Sunday. Is that right? Marnie. It's coming up. That is correct so I might do this man. I saw craze as video online baby. Who is Easter Special East? Moving show a cartoon character. Yeah duck of big challenge but yeah yeah man. This thing is weird. I was watching this. I I was like I'm GonNa pass on this but the moral wash it I was like. Oh my God the loops I've seen of it. It just looks sad it does. Is it a cartoon? No it should be looking at right there. The cost you look at a soon. I'm going to get their booty. Yeah that all is that even articulate a mask so yes it's like a it's almost like a bootleg big bird costume you look at it throw minutes so much so much and I can't stand in so much to say about that. I'll see if I can make it happen for this Sunday. I I I was going to pass on about like Ira you know what maybe I should. Maybe I should thank you Rod Dea. Thank you so much. Appreciate it so much. Thank you thank you yes to put it. There Freddy Kruger there because the banner is covering up. Oh yeah they how'd that go The Oh you know what Dan. Oh yeah man was named wrangling. Ro Robert Englund Man. He yet he. He couldn't have been a worse person. Jesus Christ it's a fucking break cannot man it made me rethink sorry. Let me stop because it'd be like oh here we go again like I did last April.

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