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Who's aware of what has happened in our history is a species would say that evil is is entirely made up. Thing, it's obviously. Whether, you believe in some form of demonic force, or whether Itin, the this latter way whether you think that the collective bad acts of humanity can be evil and create evil. On, it's out there and that is. On us if you will and so. You know to me the tooth and claw of. In. This includes viruses unfortunately. is not part of of. The equation if you will of of evil and and God's doings in the world it's it's as if you if you were to say well, let's make the molecule water with hydrogen and no oxygen. If you're going to create light. It's GonNa HAP- Ramadorai I can't one of the parameters is that life does its thing, and that includes viruses that includes animals that eat other animals. And many humans we don't and has one of the characters in the story puts it you don't. He says well if you does the, he's chef, so he's talking to. Somebody says you know. Does the chef, not know his butcher. Basically yet on you eat the potato. Do not rip it from. The soil does not lie. You know come from death. So That's not part of the equation of good and evil to me, and that includes covid nineteen now going back to the earlier thing human. Human Beings, how we be even the world. we could all handle this better. You know if we if we were with behavior toward each other as the best of us. Jesus Buddha wherever you want to look at for your inspiration. If we were to behave toward each other. Is these people say we should? As we all know really I think that we should. Then a lot of these questions wouldn't come up. Because when someone was sick, then instead of dealing with things on their own You know people would be looking for them. We've had some of that I mean. We'd had people in our neighborhood who called up and said Hey, you need anything from the store to strop. English muffins off at our home yet, so this is where sometimes the very best of US comes out. When there's been some form a tragedy. It's famous. There's a flood or tornado, and then people just suddenly pour into an area to help. A worse, the tragedy it seems the more the impetus to go help is. So. Again at those. If we didn't have these things in then, we wouldn't know that this other side of human nature exists. Thank you very much for sharing that oil one day in so at the open pops of the so the similar type references to the Odyssey and what are some of the more telling tiles that you share in sort of the book?.

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