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Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Alex discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens


In van Nuys seventy degrees in Santa Monica seventy nine the and folders in Bucks the Santa Ana winds are coming back long from east to west as we get into Tuesday and Wednesday and that really is what hoses are threat for fire weather conditions Alex starting National Weather Service is the humidity lower temperatures are on the rise we're gonna see may eighties nineties and triple digits as we go into tomorrow gusts could reach twenty five to forty miles an hour the mountains and valley areas LA inventor counties wins will slow Wednesday by Thursday there could be some rain also later on this week twenty to thirty percent chance between Thursday and Saturday it's five thirty seven Wilson sporting goods is being sued in Los Angeles over tennis rackets name after a legendary punk band when I say tennis this probably isn't the first thing you think about a London based company to recieve owns the rights to the trademark for the clash and it seeking at least three million dollars in damages from will send over its class theme tennis rackets cover some backs three C. mo also once Wilson to hand over all the profits made from the sales of those products and any remaining inventory destroyed three small already has a tennis shoe deal with commerce and claims will since use of the clash is likely to cause confusion among consumers Wilson spokesperson has not responded to our request for comment thank you for this guitar K. an act ten seventeen this radio students from San Clemente high school gonna take part in a one day workshop on bias in hate speech since after an internal investigation found racial slurs were directed to students of a visiting school during a football game couple weeks ago this is students in San Clemente high tells CBS to take on nine see things the workshops of good idea.

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Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Alex discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens

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