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I would be more of stocking versus a he'll person if I was going for leg just because I am short and clumsy and he'll okay I don't know how you did it in the House Bunny Alabama Godhra. I can't tell you how many times I almost broke my back. A couple of shots where I'm wobbling. I was about to go down. But actually I do it that in this time, I haven't had all of us a reason to dress up at all. So it's really nice that it's odd reserved for that like I. Hate wearing heels in my daily life I hate it but it has been so fun to wear some my pretty sexy heels I only have to walk from the closet the bedroom. Like seven. But that's been really fun and makes me feel very sexy I mean that must be very common. Right Dr Patty that if you are wearing something like a thong or something that is constantly stimulating you a little bit that's reminding you of your body and for me that feeling of power that heals give power ends weakness all at the same time that wonderful combination. Well I'm going to go one better, and that is to suggest that there so many leisure products on the market today, and some of them come from like ancient practices of what were called Ben Wa balls or a little ball bearings or little objects that used to be put in the woman's Vagina to constantly remind her and stimulate her so that she was constantly. lubricated and ready for sex. So today's world of the sex toy generation has a lot of these products that are safe that are made of either a medical grade silicone which won't harm you or even carve stones. You know at some really beautiful decorative kind of pleasure products. But if you wanted to do something really fun, you could wear some of these they might. Be, called a K. Goal Ball because they're also used to strengthen the K. goals, which is the muscle that's under girdle of our pelvic floor, the PC muscles, and so if you wore those, you would be stimulating yourself just like you just set on it and reminding your body all the time that you are there, and that's part of keeping your body hot and wanting. that. Makes Sense. Yes that. That's great. I think it's just like you get in those slumps right? Where like same the same the same and you get not necessarily board but you're doorman has kind of the way I put it in like you forget about that stimulating pleasure and stuff that makes you feel sexy. Yeah. Ashley, I'm so with you I'm going to say one other thing that I hadn't said before that I want to really touch base on because it's something I hear a lot from my clients around the world. And that is when I get a couple on their new couples clients to mine and they say, we're not having sex where just not where sex list we don't touch any more, but we're best friends and I go..

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