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The everybody that's like what kind of an opening is that. It sounds like it sounds like i'm talking to a cat but really what it is some talking to you. This is ed crasnick. You're listening to mental health comedy. The mental health comedy podcast with the my partner. Jennifer kalari alarm jennifer's license. So you're in good hands. This is the show where we have medians. We have all kinds of people from the world of entertainment who come in and we talk about mental health and we actually learn and practice mental health skills because mental health is we know is a practice. It's a huge topic but it really is a practice and you will know when the world has changed when there are people practicing mental health skills. The good news is that we have a chance to practice. Every second every day i could take a breath right now and that would be practicing so there are all kinds of simple skills that we learn and jennifer has a million of them including skills. That will help us rewire our brain and even learn about. Her brain works thousands of years of evolution. They're finding that there might be some information about us contained in the brain. So it's now it's now time to explore that area with all of our advances in life. I wanna talk about a couple things on today's show will first of all our guest is an old friend a dear friend and he is a terrific actor a terrific host. He's done just about everything there is to do in in the entertainment business and comedy in enacting on tv but he also has a really interesting background in special education in mental health in counseling in teaching. And we're going to talk to him about that. And that's david earl waterman david earl waterman joins us in just a few minutes on.

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