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You know that you might be hit hard and you wanted to defend yourself and third you might want to cause committee The other team. So if there's so many different variances. I think in hockey that you know special because of it now also two in terms of you know. Let's use the word. Let's say goon. Which i i hate that word because you had skill i mean. We see that you can score. There's a lot of players that possess both that fighting ability and scoring and then there's like the pure goon that's going out there justified Who were some of. You are legit like legit guys. That could could drop the gloves that you face. Yeah i mean. I'm never going to be considered a goon. I don't think you don't know this sport right like i. I weighed in one hundred eighty pounds when i played the game so if i was one hundred and eighty eight man i was i was taught. I wasn't actually that tough guys. I had to fight. Were to forty to fifty to sixty you. Look at the top top guys. And then they did their job you know whether they were goons. They were heavyweights. They were tough guys. That was the role that was that was traveling in the nhl through. You know the eighties nineties and early two thousand so obviously changed a lot and and rightfully so. I think the games evolved and we've evolved as as people I look a to grimsson joey. Kosher bob probe the great bob. Covert unreal. I mean there's a lotta guys back in the day. They could really hurt you. Twenty twists. I mean to go on and on and on so many guys that really can hurt. You had to be yet to be ready. Because i've i've been asked many times are were you. Were you nervous. When he fought hell. Yeah hell yeah. I was nervous. He has to break your face. They could break your orbital bone. The creek knows They break your jaw with one. Punch so yeah. Of course i'd be nervous There was a lot a lot of tough guys. But bob grover joey kosher like i said twenty with dirk bogarde so many tough guys and they went when my favorites. 'cause was you know big ranger fan big hockey fan for watching you. And you're you're getting hit. You know you gotta take your hits in..

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