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W. H A s 7 36. I'm Toni Kroos, along with Will Clark in Scott Fitzgerald and we have a mess throughout the Kentucky an area particularly in the area of Ah to 64. Both lanes starting to get blocked. Dan let's start from the West side of things I to 64 East found at Southern Parkway. We have both the left and right shoulder block. That's eastbound I to 64 right there around Southern Parkway because of Anak Sid into their eye to 64 westbound. Around cretins and drive their system issues there. That's a 264 westbound around the credit in Dr Vicinity. Also, I to 64 West. Approaching. I 65 there are some issues there. And these are all for you know, within up one of mile radius of each other. Then I 65 North bound. On I 2 64 problems. They're so clearly with the overpasses and what we're seeing with what limited rain that we had overnight freezing rain or this morning. It's creating a real issue for us right now. Also, I 65 North down at the outer loop there still an issue there is gonna take a couple of hours to clean that up. Apparently. According to our friends at try, Mark, and then I to 64 Excuse me. I to 65 north, the area ahead of oppressing highway and I to 65 basically completely shut down. His body was telling us There is it's really Kentucky 8 41. Once you get on past the Fairdale areas you head west. Both Blaine's at Stone Street Road are just to shut down. So a lot of traffic there. Finally, the last one I see on here, willing, I 64 East. And I to 64. Also a knish. You there with right shoulder block there around Mile marker, 12.7. There We.

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