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Um i think you've got to thing i do this is pretty cool offices of thing number o one four one of three nine six nine obvious is called the brewery colour clay extruders were open source when it comes to us from lau house now house a better known as tom lower men state college pennsylvania he is actually a professor of some some at uh at pennsylvania state the perfect some yeah on add up if something were involving on three d printing on let me get his exact credentials here for us while we're talking and will be to detour okay um anyway saw it and this is this is sort of the latest evolution of clay extrusion and we should probably do a segment on different styles of play that routed idea fairly record this let's do a segment on yeah but basically what this what this does is is on it uses a screw drive to extract declared in addition to having a pressure reservoir that feeds the clay to the screw drive so this has your you're on extruders controlled by a step promoter just like your regular you know a hot in for extorting plastic wouldbe um so at drops rather seamlessly into into a printer on and it also gives you really good control over it so he's easing actually a a kind of a screw threadlike a lag screw kinda from the hardware store and a off on piping bag tip like from a cooking supply store numb to but uh the results he's getting from it are beautiful so if you're interested in klay extrusion check this out.

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