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And this is something we and asked about a lot the wrestling album. Rick derringer, our did a song rock and roll hoochie coup. And of course, I think most people dare injures most famous piece of wrestling business is whole insurance thing real American, but to fruity on the wrestling album as well jeans bar this, you weren't there for it. But you've probably got some fun stories that have what trick trickle down the line over the years right on the wrestling album, gene did to fruity on piledriver, which was the second album is gene actually did rock and roll Chiku. And Joe lots my friend. Joel watts who came up to WWF with me produced the video for that. And that's when actually got to meet and work with Rick derringer, which was one of the coolest things ever for a twenty four year old kid be sitting there with Rick derringer and Rick derringer playing guitar in slow motion just the coolest shit, but that's being around gene, Oakland and him doing that was just crazy because he's telling derringer what to do on different things. And it was just classic because here's again, Rick derringer, a rock and roll God. I don't care who you are. You debate me all you want. But he was he is a rock and roll God. And it was really nice to see Oakland collaborating with derringer derringer actually having the time of day to speak to me that was my memory of the piledriver wrestling album, which gene Oakland. Let's talk about the nineteen eighty-seven slamming awards you were there December six eight Caesar's palace in Las Vegas. Palaces a cool wrestling place. I didn't really think about that. But you guys that wrestlemania? They are those champions there and evenly slimy. Ords Palestinian, gene. And Jesse Ventura are the host for this. And gene is also the co winner of the best head award, which Sese flair would certainly take issue with that title was shared with bam. Bam. Bigelow. What do you remember about the sleigh me awards for nineteen eighty seven a week's worth of rehearsals, one week being in Caesars in Atlantic City and having to go through every pain staking second of that show every single day the choreography with the dancers, and the guys who had never danced before end or really saying live before they did the the album, you know, in a studio and shit. So they never actually sang these things before and Vince wanted to do it all live and. Doing all real no lip synching and all that other good shit. In Jane, Jesse were holding it all together. And there was a bit that I was responsible for which was the fight with access Jim Duggan and Harley race. During the the night. There was a gimmick screen that went down on the stage that Harley and Doug and were supposed to go through. But they were only supposed to go through it. The second on the second live show the first live show. They were supposed to go around it and the second live show, we were actually going to break through it. Well, we had hurston million times. And we were doing the first show in Harley in Doug in her back there the waiting on the Q, and I give them the Q and before I know it they went right through the middle of the screen, and we only had one. Thank God for gene, Oakland because Oakland, reacted Oakland. He he didn't live. He did it off the cuff Jesse. If you go back and watch Jesse didn't know what the hell the do because he was waiting for him to come around the corner and Oakland was savior and Jean being on the spot. Like that was you put him out there live, and I never really had to worry about gene VN out there live because he would be able to cover whatever was thrown at him and everybody came back yelling and screaming. But at the end of the day. Yes, it was a fuck up. They just misunderstood. They thought they were only gone through wants, which they were just a second show and it all worked out for the better. Because. Has changed format of the vent centers sometime in nineteen eighty eight and Jean is the host of that talk about the change that you did here in how gene was feeling with this new role for years what the what had been was traditional interview segments where gene stood there with the talent interview them for every single market. It was time consuming..

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