Cavaliers, Michael Thompson, Broncos discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed - 7/31/17 - Kyrie & Steph Curry vs. LeBron + OBJ's contract


Retaliate with halloween cookies that have little gravestones on him rip staffan rip unwanted saying can't have a map because he beyond the title go now it goes to step in the warriors they get to make fun of broad in the cavaliers because they are the title holders so when you have the title i get to say and do whatever i want to do and the you won't my titles you come and try and take skillful michael thompson said the broncos in play an '80s michael thompson could play an '80s abhran could he just saying the brand a basketball health physical it got in hell how ugly got words that were exchanged that liberal wouldn't have loved it being the entitled best player on the planet that he is creatures that live a long time they have something called adaptability in the really great players are like are these said creatures they can adapt there are certain players the air or did not matter in which they played in because they're so great so i guess magic johnson couldn't play in the nineties because he can't shoot two three like steph curry or james harden or or or cl heathrow he can't play in the nine is because it's a different brand a basketball if that what are you ashamed not they're all questioning l lebron's mental toughness that's what's happening here they're not afraid of lebron james you don't have a resource he we will afraid of of my if he looks like he's where they afraid of michael caught they were the lived in terror of it messed up late no i'm not i'm not playing with terror skip he was a bit he was he was the best player.

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