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To be out there is an islet can we start getting these terrible games can you start giving something good to watch at least i mean like come on now it's like me and i understand like because there's an affable onto total money rabbi the nfl lease that's what they have attempted to do i know that's probably what's been heard in the ratings there's an eye football because they w because always point to like the protest protester lake hits or anything like that but what's really is heard their ratings is there an affable no one wants to wash that no one likes there's an our football thursday footballs a bad product week in week out these players talk about how they hate playing on thursday's because it's not enough time so i mean why don't why doesn't get dell and all those suits up there in the front office why don't they ever listen i mean i don't understand i mean if you're going to i mean like two if if you're going to tough there's no football as it is give was good games at least like no one wants to watch the foreign nine denver broncos versus the three in what three intended indianapolis colts 'cause you can't tell me in the beginning this is an oil everyone thought denver we good no cherry simmons a terrible quarterback packed sandwich terrible quarterback brock osweiler one of the worst quarterbacks i've ever seen i am as far as the quotes i mean a team has nothing with angela can we all know knew how his shoulder was go how shoulder wasn't the offseason and we weren't even sure if he's gonna come back and play this season i mean he did try and come out of practice but i mean after that i pretty much shut down said i'm not good so me what were the thinking put in the colson denver broncos on thursday night budget doesn't make sense to me i don't get it but going back to like talking about fantasy wise they to recap i was talking about how if you're going to start a player in this league sino at his playoffs for most people so if you're gonna start player it's going to be damaris thomas but other than that i'm pretty much staying away from anyone else.

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