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And I think that's a scenario that is different today than and it makes it harder to survive in that job than it was when Popovich Riley took over them. We'll not arguing that it makes it harder to survive. But I I don't think it means that it hasn't that it hasn't worked. It's worked in terms of every team that's done. It. The team has gotten better on the court everybody that's done it. And certainly there's front office mistakes made. I mean, we don't have the time in this entire show to outline the ones that I made Brian, but that's not to say that people with the conventional model aren't making just as many mistakes, we wanna go organization by organization, and because the jobs are split up. They don't make mistakes. I mean, that's I think not true at all every one of these teams and the most recent situation with Tom you wanna talk about taking. They haven't been to the playoffs since two thousand and four that team was a laughing stock. He made them relevant. He got them to the playoffs in forty seven wins in the west this idea that Tom tip Tom thibodeau failed in Minnesota, not even close. I don't know how anybody could come to the conclusion that he failed there. Now, they decided to make a change. They do it. Glenn Taylor can do what he wants is an owner. I've always been supportive of that. It's owners team. He does what he wants. But there's nobody gonna convince me that Tom dibitetto failed in Minnesota daddy Brian did he fail? But see. Here's the thing. Again, I'll go back and by the way, one of the points in this article is that this will still happen again. Because there will be teams who are so desperate to recruit coaching talent that they will give the coach both jobs, for example, withstand the Golden State Warriors. Correct me if I'm wrong, STAN, we're ready to make you their coach. It was the most attractive job on the market. They wanted. You and you were so in demand, the Tom Gores from the the owner of the pistons was like, I want STAN Van Gundy, so bad. I am giving him everything he wants giving him the money. I'm giving him the years. I'm giving him the job titles that will happen again. This is not going away. But to tips point the trade that he makes the reason got fired was because he bet big on Jimmy Butler and Jimmy Butler did not reciprocate. And and that's sailor was the reason at the end of the day was the reason why he lost his job. Because the what happened with the team had the general manager made that trade, and he'd been the one that had to take the bullets for that Villier, Tom. But I would still be the coach if there was some general manager general manager acts of milk Newton had retained the job when flip pass away and Milton Newton had made Jimmy Butler trade even at Tom pivotal told him to do it. Jim, you know, it would be Milton Mouton's neck who is on the line or manager general manager ex. And that's just one of the things that is just so different. Like, you know, I am an agreement with. Stand in the general idea here that that a that if you know basketball, and that you have full control your team that you may be able to improve the team. I just think it's really hard in today's environment for it to work because of that. Well, I would agree with you that it's hard on coach. There's no question in terms of the way that your evaluated, but I think from the team's perspective. The team has always gotten better when people have done this..

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