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Let's go back to nineteen sixty nine or fifty years ago, the stonewall riots in the early hours of June twenty eight New York City police raided a gay club in Greenwich Village Call The stonewall. Inn Hauling Patriots employees out of our. But the LGBTQ community, not having to Trans Women of Color Marcia Johnson and Sylvia. Rivera led protests against abuse five police. This uprising sparked a movement that movement became cried. A Movement for equality, a movement against police abuse a movement that resonates more than ever today. Good Morning I'm Leah McGowan here and welcome to another one of our live weekly conversations as part of our leading to change series, and this one happens to fall on this same day of a very big ruling from the Supreme Court in favor of the LGBTQ brats. Yes, and we'll be discussing that later with our guests here in San Francisco The fiftieth anniversary of pride parade was set this month when it was canceled due to cove in nineteen, as were most global pride celebrations. But equality is one of our values here at salesforce it central to everything we do, and that's why we're dedicating today's show to honoring pride in the entire Lgbtq community with a special episode on equality, inclusion and standing up and speaking out for what you believe in. Megan Connie engine now manet certainly know a lot about speaking out for what you believe and using your platform to drive the change that you want to see. Megan is a world. Cup champion an Olympic champion a hero to my daughter's best friend. She spent last summer on all of our TV screens, and the covers of magazines as she led the US women's soccer team to victory in France but not only is she one of the world's best athletes? She's an outspoken activist for equal pay and the LGBTQ. Plus, community. To now she is amazing and a grammy nominated singer, songwriter, actor and producer she identifies as queer has been a real leader in the LGBTQ plus community. And both John and Megan how long been vocal and fighting racial injustices, an issue that has definitely on top of our minds today. Now with that, it is my honor to bring to you. They engine now. Thank you so much coming to the show. The morning. Thank you for having me. Thanks for having us. This is amazing I. WanNa start exactly with that the news this morning. The Supreme Court ruled that civil, Rights Act of nineteen sixty four protects. lgbtq employs from workplace discrimination. This is a massive massive ruling in. It's pretty hard to overstate the significance. Here would love to hear your thoughts on. This exactly what they should be doing. We're talking about human beings. We're not talking about objects in animate objects. We're not talking about anything other than life in being able to live in peace in love and freedom, and not have to worry about being discriminated against because of who you are. It's upsetting..

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