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People and technology forward. Two 45 Dave Preston the drama starting early in the Francis tiafoe match. Yes, all eyes on Arthur Ashe stadium, the roof is up, but the men's quarterfinal match is underway between heights full Maryland native Francis tiafoe and number 9, Andrei Rublev, they're in the first set tiafoe trailing 5 four. This is the deepest, the 24 year old has ever played in a Grand Slam tournament earlier today in flushing women's number 6 are in a sabalenka disposes of Carolina plus kova in straight sets. NFL commander's practicing minus safety cam curl wide receiver cam Sims and tight end Logan Thomas were limited today. How big is week one for head coach Ron Rivera? When you practice during training camp, there's no consequence. So everybody's flying around. Then you play a preseason game, and there's a few consequences and some guys kind of duck. Then you get into the real games, and then you really find out who's stepping up. Oh, we'll find out who's stepping up Sunday when the burgundy and gold host Jacksonville there are three point favorite. Ravens will face former quarterback Joe Flacco in week one, the Super Bowl 47 MVP was named the New York Jets starter as Zach Wilson is out with a knee injury at least until week four. Baseball New York med sleep Pittsburgh 5 one and the 6th and the vets do place Max Scherzer in the 15 day injured list with left side irritation, nationals will pitch rookie Corey Abbott this evening at St. Louis 7 45 start on 1500 a.m. the Orioles tangle with Toronto at Camden yards trailing the Blue Jays by three and a half games for the final playoff spot in the American League. Women's college basketball Maryland announces its Big Ten schedule. They tip off conference play Thursday December 8th when they visit Purdue. Dave Preston sports Thanks, Dave. Tough stories were following for you on WTO flash flood warnings have just been canceled for both southwestern Frederick county and Washington county in Maryland, but we still have a lot of heavy rain in that region, western Maryland, more details coming during traffic and weather in just a few minutes. Virginia's General Assembly holds a special session in Richmond this afternoon, the official reason is to vote on judicial appointments. Governor Glenn youngkin also wants them to consider repealing a law that commits Virginia

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