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I mean, look what happened to the guy back in the first game of the Titans game. The objective, But why did not God You know I don't more. I don't have an answer for you. I know this. The league will Look at that play. I don't suspect. I mean, I'll tell you this. I would be surprised if if he is not fined for that shot, and that'll be that could be pretty good. Pretty good chunk of change on that. Yeah, I agree. I think he should have been thrown out of the game. It was how many plays were left in the game at that point to a couple but I do believe he'll get a nice hefty fine for that. Yeah. From the 303478. What's up, fellas? That played soccer when I was seven years old Clemson College camp I'm same ages. You guys suck it up, so he played soccer at seven. A soccer back East was Bigger, bigger than it was where you and I grew up that you grow back east. I grew up in the Midwest. Okay? You grew up all over the country. Never. You know, back east wasn't I didn't spend a lot of time back East. In my life is Clemson Back East. Where's that South Carolina, right? Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, that sounds right. 3039 for one. So glad Kathie Lee is there to give you guys refresher course on puberty. What? We're just asking, you know, we're just we're trying to think back. I just don't you know, I mean, you were trying to think back. I have a very vivid memory of it. Do you really know you? Well, you have been hit in the head as many times as well probably still in puberty. Still going Well, there have been moments that, you know. Hey, try to say Wait. Yeah, both Reagan I at times. Live in An adolescent moment. Really, we do. That's a guy. Some of those I'm proud of Some of those, like, really seriously. It's a guy thing. What do you 14? Well, You know what, here tonight, but you do things when you question yourself. It's still funny, though you and I will laugh it things that were you'd laugh that in junior high. Yeah, we have a similar sort of sixth sense of human. My friends were laughing the other day at me because we're talking about being in our sixties. And I'm like, Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'll still have a kid night school. So you you Ah, you will write Everly will be when you're listening. When you're 60, she will be 14. And I was like the teacher will go Everly. Your grandma's here. Yeah, that's Ah. But you look great style, so I I started laughing something I didn't even think about that. When we're 60. We could do like a big trip and I'm like, Wait a minute. I have a kid. Yeah, that's alright. That's alright. You're still going to be planning on doing the show? Yeah, man. I'm only 60. Will you be never mind Red is next on news radio will be a little older and you high red, maybe 62. We're good, right? Dancer guys question may be a possibility. The reason the guy last night didn't get thrown out of the game. He was a hell of a helmet. The gang for Genesee threw a punch. Yes, he did. Yes, he did have something to do with. Oh, yeah, that's a good point. Yes, he did He mean he punched, He slapped one of the Broncos. I can't remember exactly who it wass, but he punched with an open hand to the head. Of one of the Bronco players that that'll get you that'll get. You kicked out really quick and it and it was a hard punch a big roundhouse right right to the face, which surprised he didn't break his hand. That's that's just so dumb anyway, punching a guy in the face who's wearing a helmet? But you're right. He may He may have had an opening and I couldn't tell looking at it. It happens in a lot of sports. They throw punches with helmets on You're like, Aren't you just hurting your hand? Yeah, yeah, I mean, they open the hand more more times than not. Nobody's going to punch a guy with a helmet with a closed fist. No. They're not that dumb. You hope you know Cody's next on news radio. Dave Ragan. Kathy. Hey, Cody. A gentleman. Good morning. Obviously. Great broadcast last night. I just wanted to point out one thing. You know, I think when you see what quarterback play and especially offensive line play, Yeah, quick, decisive quarterback.

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