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Glory America. I can't let you do it. I have been doing the gang questions. How bad are the polls? Because today the pull. The NBC poll showed that Where it was 14 Point lead for Biden a week. You know 11 Point lead for Biden Nets momentum toward Donald Trump's consistent with what Senate candidates have been telling me they've been seeing momentum all week for Republicans. After the president got out of the hospital after recovered. Indeed. After Thom Tillis recovered Mike Leigh recovered Chris Christie recovered. I'm not him. What? I'm hoping that everyone who got the virus at the White House or in connection with someone at the White House recovers. I'm hoping everyone look of the therapeutic for just much better. Regeneron. Him disappear, but the European second wave Israel I think we can expect the second wave here in the United States. But I'm being asked by people. What are What's the trustworthiness of polling, So I went back and looked at the 2016 numbers during the break. Real clear. Politics doesn't average They do a final average. And you know the final average dealing people Look back at is what is the last poll done by an organization? They could be way off. But if they, Truitt, I don't pay attention to polls until about 10 days from now, when we're in the last stretch, the last Five days before an election. Pollsters try their very, very best to get it right. They take their finger up the scales where they've had it on the scales, and not many do, but some do and they try and Trude up so they can maintain their reputation. Okay in 20, so they're real clear politics posts. Their final average and then next to the the actual results. In Florida. The final average of all the Poles in 2016 at Donald Trump winning by 20160.2%. He won by 1.2%. So there's a 1% miss. In Iowa all the final. The final average of the polls had trump winning by 3%. Trump won by 9.5%. In Michigan. The final average had Clinton winning by 3.4%. Trump won by 0.3%. In North Carolina. The final average was a tie. Trump won by 3.7%. In Ohio Trump Final average, where they had 3.5 points. Trump actually won by eight. In Pennsylvania. The final average was Clinton 1.9% ahead. Trump won by 0.7. And Wisconsin, which was the biggest mistake of all The final average showed Clinton up six Trump won by 60.7. So I think you see in all of the final state averages of the key battleground states, there was at least a one point error. And as much of a 6.7% air Or a bias to Clinton. Four years ago. Now that's just undisputable. Those are the numbers. Now the question is have the pole's been fixed since then. I don't know any reason to believe that they have been. But here's where I may surprise you. They may be under reporting Joe Biden's lead. Because we have no idea who's going to turn out. I believe that The margin prayers are up the charts. Because of the shy trump voter and because of turnout models that we've never seen before. We could have. We had 123 million people vote last time we could have another 140 million people about It's just off of the charts. Can I point out five million Americans in the last nine months have bought a gun for the first time. That is to me. Probably the most significance that I've seen this year. Five million Americans who had never before purchased a weapon purchased a weapon you by your first weapon you by your second weapon That doesn't interest me. By your 3rd 4th 5th weapon That doesn't interest me by 30 weapons that interest me. That's actually a red flag if you buy him in a hurry, But if you buy your first weapon, you've made a decision. You've overcome. Ah, life predisposition. You said I need to arm myself. I need to protect myself. That is to me the most significant number out there. I think these Poles were going to move a lot in the last 20 days here, move a lot based upon the Biden story in the New York Post. I think we're in the wildest period I've ever seen. Gary in Pennsylvania. What do you think? Ery Good morning here Long time listener. I appreciate your fairness with everybody That said, I believe you. The FBI had this hard drive. I think it was in September of 2019. I think it's December of 2019 honestly going to say, I think it's December And I appreciate that correction on that. That's who I think this is going to go the way the dirt report. I don't think we're going to hear anything about it until post election. I think the mainstream media are going to keep this as much under wraps as they possibly can. And I'm not sure it's going to go anywhere. I actually have that kind of here. I can tell you very tonight. Can I tell you my chick fil a theory? Remember when Chick fil A was boycotted. Number one chick fillet. You know, many people showed up a Chick fil a the next day. Overwhelming, overwhelming. That's because in America everything is known, and everything that contributes to controversy about a story elevates that everybody knows about the 100 Biden story. It is everywhere now, and they know that big media tried to crush it. And even though Facebook is how people communicate people listen to me. I've been talking about I read the story yesterday. Been talking about that censorship today. The 2nd 100 Biden story. Everyone listen to me, and that's not six million every day at six million people a week or eight million people a week. Yeah, that three or 400,000 people are listening Right now They're going to go tell people 100 Byte and took a million dollar retainer from a Chinese super businessmen who was tied to the party to do what in 2017? I mean, that's the kind of nugget that gets out there, whether or not People want to share. It goes everywhere, Gary Let's hope it shows up tonight in the town halls and from your lips to God's ears. Well, I don't think it's going to show up in the town hall. I don't think George Stephanopoulos has it in him. Ivory Donald Trump will bring it up with Savannah Guthrie and I don't think Savannah will try and shut him down. Man is very fair. Great newswoman. We will see tonight. Thank you, Terry. Gary, Let me go to Terry in Alexandria, Virginia. Hello, Terry. Are being screened. I'm sorry, Jake in cranberry, Pennsylvania. Hey, Jake. Thanks. You, Uh, Look, you give your football now. Jeez. Talk about Ohio State. My thing in sentiment may okay. We see the guys against the cage and earn a stalemate. It looks boring, Bubba, bother on the ground, and they're just kind of rolling around and nobody gets a really good position. When that one guy Does the thing that hurts the other guy, like start given a bunch of shots to the ribs or something. The other guy moves like something changes when it hurts, OK. And when I heard about the story yesterday and heard me talking about it, and then what? Five hours later, I hear. Hey, you know what? President Obama is going to get on the campaign trail with Joe Biden. I think that story hurt the campaign, and they called in. They called 911 and got a rock on the line, and he's coming out to help him. Could be. I didn't see the story about President Obama coming out to help former Vice President Biden. I didn't see that I have to go look for that. But I appreciate the analogy. I don't watch Emma, but I believe you. Travis is also in Pennsylvania. I keep saying all states are created equal, but Pennsylvania's most equal of all this year. What do you think, Travis? Hey there, Hugh. How are you this morning? Good. Good. Good. Good. Good art takes. So my question is, you know the other day up at Khiry Biden had a rally and I saw Facebook press which again? How do you How do you trust? Ace? Look, how do you trust any Social media?.

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