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That again you've got to give young players that time to develop in the loses season tried to fill with thomson trade to fill with blood and look they got valuable experience there's gonna be no doubt about that but that valuable experience has to be weighed against developing time in the minors whether it be a thomas a cairo the hype of the young guys it's still going to be grow tunnel but what we have what we have what we do too many times as we hype up young players that actually have to go to the miners and become those two three years like national did in milwaukee and when you have all of them coming at the same time that's when you got a chance so you know the listen we lose david perron this is the long we don't have any secondary scoring all year we knew it since the end of november lose david brown you lose sanford and you lose fabri shorts goes down so you lose to a team you don't replace some you lose fabry to an injury and sanford and you bring up the young guys have any other expectations and what happened we were dreamers and we thought we could get in but the truth is is that we were we were put together with bandaids duct tape for a long time here now and when you trade knee at the deadline you almost made a directive that hey we needed to get a pick back and we need to get a player and we're betting on the future that's what that is that's just being honest i don't want to offend anybody in our organization or or doug armstrong and the hockey operations people or anybody else because our fans deserve the best but i think it's i i know i honestly think that writing was on the wall in early and i don't know how many times we've said it we've said it over and over and over again again you know but look you know it's so that leads that leaves basically to a you know frankly maybe the most critical and offseason since doug armstrong has been general manager here because those decisions now have to be made in terms of how you feel some of these holes and now how you analyse we'll go because it shows you that you got this all the way to the third period to chance to.

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