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Imminent sales guy that had a couple internships when he was at university of texas you know mortgage stanley and merrill lynch and just crushed and is coming he's coming for your spot now he doesn't have it yet but the writings on the wall you're making let's say let's just use normal people money let's say you're really rich you're making five hundred k like that's the relative of joe flacco making like twenty million well this guys they just hired only making eighty five k but he's hotshot young guy everyone's kinda smitten with them would you just be as best friend before you even them are we all supposed to be good teammates in life sure but again they have no personal interaction flacco is this a competitive business there's a there's a sign basically on every wall in the nfl that says you're either getting better or you're getting worse there is no staying the same and that's so true in the nfl joe flacco now has gotten worse last couple years but is fighting force professional livelihood here's the other thing with this this was a calculated move by lamar jackson lamar jackson's camp like who is leaking this because i'll tell you who is not leaking this joe flacco job doesn't behoove joe flacco to tell media members or whoever however got out yeah i'm just not calling lamar jackson back no one leaks on themselves they're a quote unquote asshole so this is either coming from lamar jackson or it's coming from the baltimore ravens and either one of those for joe flacco is not ideal if it's coming from the mar jackson it goes got it i mean in my going to this i have to deal with and if it's coming from the baltimore ravens they're already trying to paint him in a bad light he was he's got to kind of strap up and go to the proverbial football war you know it's his job or is going to be on the bench by the end of the timber.

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