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So you know that like this can be one of those funny little movies and it wasn't and honestly, like I saw some of this, I finish the rest, but it was so fucking sad, man, like this movie. I don't wanna finish it because I feel I'm going to cry and I don't like crying fucking movies. You know what I mean? Surprises showed me man like any clutter beauties movie that many people don't really talk about at all. And I'm just thinking, dude, like this one situations where this could be the next collateral BV. This can be with those movies if position, right, and Kevin Hart. He knows his brand very, very well. He's not. He knows his audience, he knows who can kind of at least take a chunk out of to see something new, a new project. And if this is it man, I'm telling you this. This'll be in the author's next year. I really do feel. I doubt it. No reminds me of because you see the movie just taking care of Bryan cancers like dying old, whatever. Like we've seen that kind of move four. But this reminds me a lot of fifty fifty with Josie. Gord eleven, and Seth Rogan feel like even though that one was more comedies, Allen felt like it was more down to earth with this one just feels like if they almost have been idea, but Kevin Hart has do was brand. So often that it just it takes me out of it. Like if entire trail of Kevin Hart, not doing Kevin Hart stuff. I'm almost been like, okay, but within almost the first seen, he's just doing his thing. I'm like, they're just gonna make jokes fucking time guy. Probably dying wheels. Yeah. So we mostly what happens with that, but moving on man, this other movie I have never been. I swear to God. When you posted this Google docs for talking about this on the show, I was like, man, I think gonna give this. You might be on Miami vice run. Yeah, exactly. It's just like a sequel to basically take the rest of the title off and just have like Balbo Rambo. Feis Rambo, fuck the first name, but vice men. So you know this right here apparently about Dick Cheney and pretty much every other stupid fucking politician and think this is a comedy. But I feel like this might be a little bit serious as well, especially the time that trailer prob wins going to be released. I think in Christmas. But what we expect when I saw the trailer dude. It's funny. 'cause like I do Christian bale Ken's transformed with Dick Cheney, but I didn't really expect anything until I started watching. It was like this guy reminds me of a different actor and I didn't go out of my way to kind of look it up. Someone else completely. But when I I kinda saw my first thought was, well, they have the bulls to make Bush look as stupid as he actually is. 'cause sometimes they do these kind of like movies like, oh, Bush is actually a tactical genie's like no t sounds like a fucking idiot. Like, can you help me movie Bush a tactical genius. Sometimes they do the president stuff to try to make the president look, super smart. Like in any movie this, like he is. It's dumb as you imagine the is who can you help me do president stuff. I don't know how to do president stuff. And dignity just goes like stupor villain like, okay, but I want to do this this, this, and this. I want to control the entire fucking thing. Can you do it like? Yeah, that sounds cool. Like, okay, this is not the typical bio-pic that you expect from these people. I try to make somebody looks good something. Everybody looks bad here. Cheney fucking super villain. Bush's a fucking idiot. And the rest of it is just again run to be someone to the big short. And then they say from the producers register, the big short and I love that fucking movie movie just around from character to character. Everyone connects and I can't wait to see Steve Carell has back in there that's Christian bale again in and they're both in the big short and I love them in there. So honestly, the cast of making this and just the trailer self like this looks like an amazing bio-pic. That doesn't..

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