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So right up front, like Fairfield, Connecticut, where everyone commutes to Manhattan to begin with? Yeah. Exactly. But yeah, it's a lot of like, well, what are what you know, of course, what are we doing Honey, we're moving to Connecticut. That's the best way to wipe. The city's stink up. You is, is this the lawns I've been hearing. I didn't hear about these all around. You can't wear black anymore because we, we live outside the city, floral patterns. Can you make a decision about race at all? Like it's about like the whole idea I think is about, you know, you move to the suburbs, this reactionary sixties kind of thing, like you white flight. Exactly. And there are like there is an Asian guy and there is a black person. They don't have lines, but you're better off leaving those people out actually to make pure white. So like you're actually making a point as opposed to like, oh, so you want pure. Why in this? If you're trying to make this, what's funny is in the nineteenth seventy-five version. This is kind of amusing sort of hard about race in that movie is an older woman is talking to the star of the movie, the Catherine Rosser and saying like, oh, you know, there's a black couple is moving into town and you know, I knew this was coming because stepford is the most liberal town in Connecticut or whatever. And she's like, what are you talking about? How is it liberal here? The old lady says we had the first Chinese restaurant. Yes, Yes. that is the metric of being liberal tolerating Asian food existing cook for you. But yeah, to Steve's point like either do it or don't exactly as you can't say you're doing it and then you showing something else. Exactly too bad extras problem or like, yeah, exactly what have or have a black couple in there and make that part of the movie because they couldn't, or at least they thought they couldn't. Because the group that gets that in this movie is gay couples, which makes no sense. It makes no sense, but that's the one that the doing. So it's not like, oh, step RDS, inclusive. We also have black couple an Asian couples and Latin couples or whatever. It's not that it's don't worry. Stepford has to gay and their white. Don't worry about it. We move at their house which is your house of the future kind of thing. It's a smart house. It reminded me of has anyone seen Scorpio. Yes, the Simpsons episode, but also there's a hilariously awkward and pretty much bad remake of rear window from like sometime in the nineties with. Our good friend, superman, Christopher, Christopher, Reeves, right. Remember seeing the promos and stuff. It was like post accident, and he's plays a dude in a wheelchair who has like a smart house. It's really weird. Is it a good movie? Yeah, it was like like made for TV and aired on like ABC or something like the time when they were making the shining remake. Oh, yeah. Oh, the Steven Webber, people tell you, you know, it's a better moving in that Kubrick movie the one that aired on television, even it's not better obviously, but I think it's a watchable movie. Sure. I mean it's readily bad, but like I remember being like, oh, I know more faithful to the buttons. Sometimes you want better than Jack Nicholson. Exactly. You know, better than Stanley Kubrick a random Canadian. Definitely. Did you know Eric that actually the seventy five version had like four sequels for DV? No, I did nine. There's like three or four of them now. Wow. Like children. No. Are you kidding. I can't wait not to watch them. Excellent comes to nothing but like, oh, look self-cleaning. How or self cleaning house. But like, you know. The security system, so great, but everyone's just walking inside each other's houses. Anyway, there's no security at all, although they do this movie anticipated the smart fridge? Yes, it does have a smart fridge..

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