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In terms of the arrests, and they want better explanations from U. S Capitol Quarters. 6 35 and KNX coverage continues right after traffic. It is 6 35 traffic and weather together of a terminals on the fives with Jennifer York. Oh, boy, we got a crash working here. The 60 East. You got out in the inland empire, bringing it up because I'm seeing huge delays and it's a motorcyclist down. He's got injuries to his legs, too. Right lanes blocked. On the eastbound side of the 60 at Euclid. There's about two miles back up. They're heading into Ontario coming out of Pomona Chino Hills area. All right, articular continues eastbound side of the 91 piece of the 57 Kramer. Go sell the three left lanes. The 12 and three lane blocked the car pulls open far right is open. Father of the 30 minutes or so someone lost their life in this crash car fully engulfed in flames. The back up now on that 91 keeps growing. It's to you. Could I say Jump down on the Palmar Lincoln Jump up towards take that is They're both really are all good working Surface Street alternates. The North bound side of the five. They're saying there's a hazard just north of the 91. So heads up. I don't see any delays. Just mocking me What it is. It is. It could be a star could be something else. Just want to give you a heads up before driving through Buena Park on the north, down five north of the 91 actually porters at 6 45 more traffic reports more often. I'm Jennifer York of the Toyota Glendora dot com. 24 hour traffic center Keating sent 70 NewsRadio clouds fog around much of the area this morning. Partly cloudy later in the day, the fog a locally dance along some of the coastal areas right now. Attempt today.

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