Last Week, Tony Storm, Tony discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders


I definitely would be looking at that going. What the help But i didn't particularly care for her taking on tony storm. I you know sorry guys. Look i know. She's got thick thighs and asked all that but she does not inform me I've i've gotten so much on her now that you know it's just don't get what everybody else sing With tony storm. I just don't maybe if you guys were to point me out to like top five matches so far like greatest matches since she's been in an xt. Maybe that might somehow win me over whatever. But just what i've been seeing so far it's like uttered in the ass in the hips and the thing with the glasses and the little wink and all that other shit by would you know what what is. She really lake. What else you got. She does nothing for me. I gotta tell you though. Even though i was fast forwarding. I stopped the moment i saw zoe start was on the screen. Because i have for guy in that instant that oh yes. She did tony storm. that is. She did jump zoe stark last week when she had that debut matched their against array nocera exte- by the way i would have thought that they would have continued to try to build up on that lease do Do a nice pre produced interview with her getting her reactions to in her first match and inex- t under wwe umbrella and all that we in an get any of that so a little bit surprised by that but no was always. Archaic came out and she pretty much was talking trash to tony storm. Pretty much had calls distraction. Basically cayden quarter gin upset dub over tony storm so tony storms always start you know that's basically continuing Look i love. What's continuing the happened. There with zoe start you know and i hope at this point that it's actually zoe start. That's going to be the one to kinda but it doesn't feel that way does it. It feels like everything's really gone on. Tony storm it. Feel like the the big focus. The main focus feels like everything is all about tony storm gray now but Marinate on that. For a second. The fact that i gave such high praise to canaan carter.

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