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For less than 10 bucks. And again. Dr Levin was talking about our vitamin C is the bonus gift we call it. Our essential immunity are patent pending. See, Neil. We are shooting along so fast year we've got so much information out there already with only a few minutes to spare here for people just tuning in. What is joint gel. And why is it such a dramatic breaks? We're talking about our very special cutting edge. Bioactive College and peptides. You're going toe. This is a powder. You're going to get it. You're going to drink it down. And once you ingest this, it's delicious. It's going to go into your circulation. It's going to get brought to your cartilage and 10% of these very special bioactive college and peptides that air just the exact right molecular size and weight. Argon enough on the door of your cartilage making cell called the Kandra site. So this is almost like waking up Rip Van Winkle as we get older. Our conversations don't work as well. When we were 20. We made cartilage in broke down cartilage at the same rate. We had beautiful cartilage. When we're fifties sixties seventies were breaking down cartilage much faster, much faster than we're remaking it. This these bioactive college and pep tights. This joint, Joe, this is your ticket. Getting those knees and hips and joints in your body to create more glassy, smooth Cushnie cartilage, and it works. I like to play my golf. I like my tennis. I like hitting the gym. I like to run around and play with.

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