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If you look at boston and golden state the hampton five like this is this is why you get dynasties and i think we're looking at the next one with the celtics here's joy taylor with the news on the news this is the headline news so calling you mentioned earlier the cavs took a three zero series lead over the lebron to raptors baby dinosaurs and it's looking like they're going to complete that sweep tonight however tyron lou caps head coach wants to make sure that the cavs weren't feeling overconfident heading into tonight's game four here's what he said i'll know the crushes on but it's a tough game because you know if the women go home for the for the team down three oh and you know they're gonna come out swinging like the last night and you know we got team with a lot of pride as well coach they're not going to give you do everything they can to try to win a game try to get back to toronto the understand that so guys come out with the right mindset and just master a chance to the early just try to close it out if we can con is there any danger whatsoever of cavs letdown in tonight's game i i don't think so i can you imagine shoot around for the raptors yesterday i mean how how morbid would have been you know it's interesting joy is that when you look i am a big believer in player mobility i love these star teams but you got a celtics series that could be a sweep elaborate series that could be a sweep and golden state and houston are five gamers that feel like sweeps you and i know that a disaster for television network is having a sweeper a five game series you lose tens of millions of dollars as much as everybody is trumping this these nba playoffs are this second round is i mean these are what are they going to do for a week just i mean seriously just give the florida hockey i mean there's these series can all be over in about an hour and you've got schedules here what do they do for a week relax and maybe get some treatments come out with very rusty game ones.

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