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E. N. T. the throat and back surgeons and others offer to see him and cut off his nose and that is so on a patch of tissue to pretend that was in the house and he refused to rather than to accept something that was lousy he refused to just like this woman should've done should refuse that surgery that was useless but often patients don't know when to refuse useless surgery useless came our usual stream of this man refused to have his nose cut off for the cap on growing the mask upon growing and it took him six months till he found us and listener told him about radiosurgery New York and he came here and I saw him and we met we have the consultation afterwards from our together and we went across the street I want to cross the street to get a snack and so did he not knowing would be meeting at this other restaurant and we talked ten more minutes rebounded kind of over the consultation and over that little slack and he's about to leave him and I want you to treat my nose cancer and he came back in which it is those cancer was amazing that we watch every day as the nose cancer went away was a basal cell cancer there was very extensive with his nose and bleeding and massive Buckley and probably what they said Hey it's time to get rid of your bandaid your nose is now beautiful thanks to radio surgery and they took out the bad data never saw the padded again in the cancer is gone away he came this week for a checkup and he's doing great and by the way by the way I saw him also for the steak cancer during the course of treating for the nose I said that I've ever check your PSA and he said no and we checked his PSA this PSA that's prostatic specific antigen we checked his prostate and was sky high and is seven fourteen you've got about a forty percent chance of having prostate cancer do you want to know if you have prostate cancer or not and we spoke about that and he says yes he definitely wants to know we raised him to have a biopsy of tiny painless needle into the prostate and came back Gleason seven cancer so yeah not only a nose cancer was fun getting with Sir does want to cut off his nose save by coming to thirty four Broadway but in a prostate cancer was very high risk detected by coming to thirteen eighty four Broadway too and we talk about all the options understands he has high risk cancer understands if he has surgery or radical surgery robotic surgery that most likely to be impotent and incontinent and isn't one that he understands that if he had surgery the success rates only thirty percent and in those with us most likely he will be cancer free a huge difference and with us it's outpatient therapy no cutting no operating rooms no hospital stays no convalescence with us it's all out patient there is such a huge difference and it shows our treatment and so it shouldn't further knows cancer which was fun getting they're going to cut off his nose and that was successful he's cancer free as is beautiful knows no and his prostate cancer was PSAs now zero with our treatment only so one man to cancer's super happy you came this week to get checked out we have a new blood tests in the zero range he is doing great graduations and thank you for your trust and you know who I am and you know what I'm talking about so thank you thank you and thank you for your trust but I'm such a leader minaret her short break we'll be right back when doctor Lee the man came to New York from Harvard ninety seven percent of women in New York we're losing their breasts as breast cancer treatment but ninety percent of doctor Lieberman's patients with breast cancer were keeping their breasts doctor Lieberman an outspoken advocate of bursting therapy educated women about choices to arm every woman about breast cancer choices breast say mean whenever possible and desired when every hospital foot standard radiation was okay doctor Lieberman had a better idea innovative Dr Lieberman first bought grain radiosurgery to New York and body radiosurgery to America meet doctor Lieberman breast conserving therapy.

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