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I live in Suburban Denver. So the local bookstore that I go to is Tattered Cover. And it's been on the scene for like fifty years here in the Denver area. Nice. I love bookstores that have a quirky little flavor to them. Yeah. It's kind of an institution here. Okay. So Brooke to finish up our talk about your writing tell people why you think they should get your book The Adventures of an urban Homesteader if I'm not really looking for a laugh and you enjoy romantic comedy focused really on a quest of is she going to achieve the Independence that she wants in the areas of her life and is quite she's quite frankly going to survive living in Montana after having lived in San Francisco. Really? It's just a light-hearted way to find beachy read that will transport you for awhile, and hopefully leave you just really satisfied with the ending. Nice nice. This just popped into my head. So do you would you pictures This book as being a movie or a TV show. Oh, wow. That's an interesting question. I would say. Off the top of my head. It strikes me more as a movie versus a TV show, but I could see where things could be episodic with her various quests in life. But yeah, we around just hilarity of adulting really. Well, you know, you could always push people that if they like Bridget Jones Diary read this. Yeah, it's just different in in some ways. But if you like diary forum and you're really on that quest for Independence and trying to see if she actually pulls off the trifecta in trying to adult life definitely so yes, well tell us again the name of the book where to get it and if you have a website where people can find you. Yes, so the name of the book is Adventures of an urban Homesteader and my website is w w w Brooke Davis rights and Brooke is spelled. With any you can get it there. You can also get it on Amazon Kobo Apple Barnes and Noble and Google and I do have I appreciate I do have both print and wrote a book editions available. Nice. Let me ask a lot of people don't do print nowadays. Why did you choose to do print I think because I'm one of those readers who likes them look in my hand if I'm reading generally I'm reading from a paperback or a hard back in all honesty. And I also think that as a new author I really just wanted the experience of holding that hot little bulge in my hand and saying I did this because it's a big deal. It takes a long time. It's quite the journey and at the end of the day you really sometimes just want to have that thing. You can hold in your hand and say look what I did and that's a very valid. I think a lot of authors liked that tactile. Hey, I have an accomplishment. I agree. It's it's not as fulfilling birth. Put up a digital bunch of zeros and ones. It's really not. I mean, it's it's so awesome and amazing that we can do what we do now as writers, but there's still something about holding that book in your great. Well Brooke, I appreciate you taking a couple of moments to talk about your book today and we are going to continue in a moment with the second half where we talked about getting it done. So thanks for being on today. Thank you. Thank you for listening to discovered wordsmiths come back next week and listen to another author discuss the road. They traveled and maybe sometime in the near future. It might be you.

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