Lucasfilm, Ron Howard, Lord Miller discussed on The No Film School Podcast - IFW 6.29.17: Star Wars' Systemic Problem & How to Avoid Getting Hacked


And this is messy in terms of details about the studio in the directing duos treat of conflicts that is lucasfilm seemed to have no problem at all in convincing american graffiti star turned accomplished director ron howard to step in and replace lord miller now you can feel however you want about the change directors maybe you agree with kathleen kennedy and lawrence castanon thinking lord miller were taking too many liberties with cast and scripts and the entry should stay true to the same tone of star wars which we have seen now throughout eat feature films howard will certainly make sure that happens to the best of his ability george lucas reportedly had already reached out to him decades ago to direct one of the infamous prequels star wars episode one the phantom menace it is also reported that star who has impossible boots to fill alden reich was also concern in the type of slapstick improvise humor the directing duo encouraged but perhaps for him this was just a reaction to the fact that lucasfilm had hired in acting coach onset for him the real problem here is that lucasfilm keeps making a point of hiring these directors with any sensibilities and very pointed styles only to keep interfering with their vision inevitably it seems that the studio gets upset with the direction the film is going that it's not true starwars material before either firing the original directors or demanding insane amounts of reshoot s just a year ago the hollywood reporter to two qna with kathleen kennedy where she discussed her belief that within major franchises it is possible to take quote artistic license in creative risks she added quote if all you're doing is playing it safe trying to make the same movie over and over again that's when the audiences say oh this is just a money making machine on manton that but if it's genuinely and service to the art form than the franchise concept is being used in a way that's exciting.

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