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Five percent black thirty seven point. Five percent white three point. Six percent hispanic. It was a district represented by marcia fudge who was the mayor of warrenville heights. A cleveland suburb and she was appointed to the biden administration as the hud secretary at the request of jim. Clyburn jim. clyburn is the number. Three democrat democrat from south carolina. He caused joe biden to win south carolina and thereby save the nomination of the democratic side. He is a of the left. But more moderate than your abc's and the squad and nina turner decided to run with marcia fudge into the white house. Nina charter is a woman who as an activist and elected official in ohio. Rally bernie sanders and the far left. Nina tertre is a radical on the left. She is inspired alexandria. Cossio cortes to run for office has said this on the campaign trail that she heard nina turner talking to bernie sanders rally and it inspired her to run for office. Nina turner is of the far left and she lost in ohio and we should all be thankful now. How did she lose. She ran ahead almost the whole time towards the end of the campaign. Jim clyburn came out. Again and back to her opponent chantal brown and then the congressional black caucus came in for sean tell brown and then st k. Knickerbocker came in now. You don't know who has gained krabacher is i. Know hillary rosen. We were on cnn together. For a while She used to be the head of the r. I a the recording. Whatever industry or trade association for the recording industry and she's a progressive but she is a progressive. Who understands that if the democrats give into their far left impulses they will lose everywhere and she works at educate knickerbocker with anita dunn. Who you will recall. Just left the white house. She saved the biden campaign Getting back on message in the early days win into the white house with him as a trusted adviser. It is now going back desk knickebocker. Not a coincidence. That estimate knickerbocker came in on behalf szanto brown and what was their message on the ground. Message of she has joe biden's back. Nina turner does not and shawntel brown one fifty point two percent to nina turner's forty four point. Five percent needed turner. Today said that she didn't lose evil money. Evil that's words. Evil money poured in from out of state evil money. She says that.

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