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Hi i'm julius furlan and here are three stories you need to know about today buzzfeed news reporters have obtained documents showing years of russian financial activity in the us that bankers and federal law enforcement have deemed suspicious here are a couple of the transactions that were included sergei kislyak the former russian ambassador to the us received one hundred twenty thousand dollars ten days after donald trump's election then five days after trump's inauguration someone attempted to withdraw one hundred fifty thousand dollars cash from the embassy's account but the embassy's bank blocked it and in 2014 russian embassy employees cash checks for about three hundred seventy thousand dollars all of these transactions were flagged for authorities because they were deemed suspicious they raise concerns about how the kremlin's diplomats operated here long before the 2016 election russian officials labelled the buzzfeed news story propaganda and said the money was used to help russian nationals living overseas vote in their country's parliamentary election last year so remember queer i for the straight guy well it's back and coming to net flakes after being off the air for more than a decade that means a lot of things have changed about how the world feels about clearness and about masculinity for that matter the original show was fighting the tolerance our fight is for acceptance the show is set in atlanta this time around and the quote unquote fab five are different as well honestly i didn't expect to be so emotional when i was watching the trailer but i was jury is still out on whether anyone is going to use my favorite word and probably yours jewish clear are for the straight guy comes to net flakes on february seventh dillon farrow is giving her first televised interview today 25 years ago farrell alleged that her father woody allen sexually assaulted her when she was a child she's on cbs this morning and according to trailers she says that she hopes that audiences will believe her this time round why should nightly angry why shouldn't i be hurt woody allen's representatives did not immediately respond to cbs this morning to address the interview allen has always denied the allegations and no criminal charges were ever filed against him.

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