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And how we may be defined because there are a moment we have to be enormously feisty and I I never take a back seat. To fighting for my constituents in as I watched my other colleagues who likewise have moments of feistiness and Folks may come around issues that some people may disagree with, but then they don't see us in the normal day to day work when we're sitting around in meeting rooms with Republicans Democrats with. Democrats of all a political persuasions from left to right and in between and really getting things done they don't see if we were to talk about the HR forty bill that we have southerners on the. Legislation. Moderates we have people from all different regions and districts, and so what I would say to those people. is to give us a chance Sometimes, you don't remember when things are a year or two pass. So there are moments during the Obama, administration? that they were great moments of coming together on some international issues. Even though there was quite a bit of discussion the. Moments of frying to come together. There were moments with George W Bush. George. W. Bush, signed the Voting Rights Act reauthorization one of the most proud moments of my life but more importantly a great tribute to the Great. John. Lewis a man that in his fight for justice knew that there was something called the beloved community being hooted under him for the long period of time I had to serve with him. I use it a terminology quite often the beloved community, and in those words, I don't distinguish between someone's political philosophy inside my party or outside my party I talk of the beloved community all of us aren't together so to those individuals who stand back and watch and See us through clips on the news. Through social media that we're not engaged in that there those who wish to describe us I think what you have to do is by our work. So we be judged so it will be obligation responsibility to show the American people in large manner meaning enlarge. That we signed something that is of great help to all of them and That should not be a difficult task because there is a need We all no matter what persuasion we are should be concerned about our environment and we need to do the kind of legislation that brings people into the table into the tent as opposed to push him out because there's not one of us that doesn't enjoy or hasn't enjoying the beauty of America, the road trips that you taken just amazed at what a beautiful country is. Well, that's the environment and we all should WANNA save that we should all want to save national parks museums that tell the berries stories of our respective histories we should have went to be able to do that so i. We'll be able to do something that people who look askance sometime will be able to say, this is my country to. Win When Donald Trump is no longer the leader of the Republican. Party. Do you think Democrats should. Remember. How Bad It could get. The next time they. Try to attack or demonize the next Republican president a twelve. Sixteen years from now whoever that person is realized you know. It it's not as bad donald, trump. Thing all of America will have that as a point in history won't just be Democrats once we rise away from this. Of there will be a sense of. relief that will be so overwhelming we might be hugging Our. Worst enemy maybe. Someone we thought was worse enemy because we came through this together. and you know I don't speak about the president as a human being is loved. By his family has his friends, I only speak about policies and so dangerous policies have divided us it has hurt us. It has put us in this crisis. It has taken away a temporarily outstanding in the world it breaks my heart. To See, Americans responded to by our friends around the world. We've lost the moral compass to be able to speak with elephants about human rights that hurts me, because I'm involved in all those issues and so I don't think we'll ever forget of this time in our history and We will always have a measuring stick, but politics are let me just say democracy. By its very nature warrants that a will be in sometimes and not being another times but every president and every party should be an a foster, a promoter of democracy and a respect for the constitution respect for values. So I hope not to demonize anyone, but certainly a this remembrance. Think. We'll 'cause all of us to just work even harder. For. The Greater. Good and for the good of this nation, you do that and I think that we'll find that warm and fuzzy feeling again, which I really hope for the kind of feeling when you see the the young person walking in a military uniform proud and knows that it doesn't stand for war that uniform stands for peace his America has not. been an offender we've always been a defendant the kind of feeling you get. When your children crossed that graduation stage mostly the high school stage in college stage that things are going well or the first house or the first newborn. I just think that America has so much to be grateful for so much to celebrate so much to recognize that we have been given gifts of that other nations may not have though good i. think about seven better than anyone else. But we've been given a lot of gifts in this nation who would have ever thought that this experiment would last this long the only thing we need to do as. is to make. It better and better and better not great again but just continue to work a toward America's goodness so that not only we enjoy her goodness, but the world enjoys a goodness beloved. At his a beautiful way to end it. Congresswoman Sheila jackson-lee. Thank.

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