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A great cloud of missed went up and jill heard her own armor wine as it was coated with frost but the villain received the worst of it when the air finally cleared he was frozen solid a beard of frost on his cobra hood and icicles where his bangs had been crimson jill asked where bears dropped off i'm on my way back to help now all set this kuhn is now a snake sickle take into the super jail for me will do firefly you're still the best jill flushed inside her suit glad that the com system automatically disguised her highpitched voice see you around she said kicking on her jets and cruising home she was worried grandpa jack would be upset but when she stumbled out from the armor he wrapped her in a bonecrushing bearhug spinning her in a great circle like when she was a little kid julie being you did it julie the little hero chile the firefly jill smiled wider than she ever had before and hours later after her wounds had been patched and her armor had been repaired when she was laying in bed sore and exhausted she fell asleep with that same smile still on her lips to be continued today story part three of the brilliant firefly recoil an original story written by daniel hines and performed for you buy me amanda weldon stay tuned for the final installment of the brilliant firefly recoil to be released next week if you would like to support stories podcast and receive a thank you and a future episode please visit patriotic dot com slash stories and make a pledge then sent an email to amanda at stories podcast dot com and let us know who to thank and don't forget to check out the kids listen app for a curated collection of kidfriendly podcasts just search cancel listen on i tunes thanks for listening.

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