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New York mark Simone on seven ten W. O. trump rally in New Jersey a hundred thousand people lining up to get tickets and but Wiley release some statistics on that hundred thousand people twenty six percent of them were Democrats it's very interesting that means a big a big of big reelection for the present when that twenty six percent your crowded now Democrats coming over to you and ten percent the crowd new voters who hadn't voted before very good does sign for the president to Kobe Bryant you have obviously been praised and rightfully so but some people take a little offence that role model stuff and getting flak for a couple people tweeting out about is is rape allegation so he was charged with rape by this woman and then it was a criminal case he got her to drop the charges lawyers guard dropped the charge and take it to civil court where they then settled it made a settlement with her and and that got rid of it but in the settlement he did say I now understand why she didn't think it was consensual so you sort of acknowledged that it was something very wrong there so was one actress who had a tweeted out and pull down the tweet there was somebody from one journalist had to take down between and I got Abigail Disney of the Disney family came right out and said it I mean this and it is a point but it's a little too soon to be making that point so some people got a lot of Flack for that Fotis do Lewis is or attorney now saying that he's just in terrible shape we ever see him a recover and be able to testify here's the attorney candidly.

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Mark Simone, New Jersey, Wiley discussed on Mark Simone

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