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I am extremely excited about what we're going to be talking about right now. I'm excited about my guest, Robert netley, he is the head of inspire insight. You can go to inspire insight dot com. But Robert, when I heard about you and what you're doing, I thought, this is a dream come true for me. How do we where do we start? What is the, what is the quick version of describing what it is that you have done that I want my audience to know about. Yeah, here, president will be here. The quick version is we help Christians primarily or other people with attain to biblical values, invest for the glory of God. And we look for companies that are aligned with biblical values, which means we also kick out companies that are not aligned with biblical values, doing things like manufacturing worship drugs or selling pornography or signing up on the business coalition for the equality act and things of that nature. And really paying attention to what our money is doing to turn a profit for us as well as what we're supporting with ultimately God's money. Okay, well, I want to say, you know, my audience consists of all kinds of folks, many of whom wouldn't describe themselves as Christians, but who nonetheless know right from wrong. Know that there are things they do not want to help. You don't need to be a Christian to know that pornography hurts women if you care about people, you would never want to help the business, the pornography business. But what you discovered Robert netley and what many of us know is that if you're just investing in a 401k, you've got an IRA or whatever, there are all kinds of things in there that are helping abortion clinics that are helping the abortion industry that are helping the pornography industry that are helping all kinds of things that in our normal lives we would say I would never want to help those industries. It would be like helping the slave trade. You would say, are you kidding? I don't want to help the slave trade. I don't want to help Hitler kill Jews. You mean my money is helping? What can I do to get my money out of there? And the answer is absolutely nothing until somebody like you comes along. I'm not overstating the case. And that's why you can tell I'm just thrilled that you exist and that you're doing what you're doing. So tell my audience, how did this happen in your life that you decided that you needed to do something about this? Because I would say almost everybody listening to us right now is involved in this is having their money support things that they completely disagree with. Right. And I don't think you're understating the case at all like you mentioned. And so my background was at Wells Fargo private client service down in the beautiful coastal town of Carmel, California, and really was as happy as a clam working down there. I had a nice little drag on the beach every day. I head into the office and plans to change anything. And then I stumbled across this whole concept one day, some random article I stumbled across on Google that talked about this idea of biblically responsible investing. And I was curious, I looked inside my own portfolio, my client's portfolios. And honestly, the Holy Spirit has ripped my heart on this issue because here I was president of our local pro life pregnancy center at the time. And I own three stocks of companies manufacturing abortion drugs. And it hit me upside the head, and every time that young lady goes across the street to Planned Parenthood and has an abortion, I just made money on that transaction. I literally profited from that transaction. And I'm recommending all my clients to do the exact same thing. And then as you mentioned, there's pornography in that human trafficking and there's all manner of insanity going on inside its portfolio. And I'm totally totally oblivious. And if there's anybody who have been thinking about these things, it should have been me. And I wasn't. And so long story short two weeks later, I was dead in the water at Wells Fargo. I could not do my job with a clean conscience. Didn't know what I was going to do. Never met anybody doing anything remotely close to what we're doing now. I'm not sure if it was even possible to invest in a way that was biblical or whatever. And so I went home and told my wife hey honey, I think the lord's calling us somewhere else, here's what I found. And she says, well, we've got two babies in the mortgage. So what's the plan? And I had no plan. So I thought I had to get out of the business. This close to going to seminary, being some sort of pastor, and but as we prayed, God made it abundantly clear to us as he does. That I was to leave the bank, leave my clients there with the team I've been with previously starved from scratch, I mean, a laptop and do some sort of biblical ish type investment. I didn't have a word to call it at that time..

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