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All. Chelsea get a late goal from Marcus Alonzo. Eighty six minutes at the victory over cloudy of product and tika. Thanks to you out any hat trick four to Frankford who these ten men for early. And then Balenciaga a couple late goals to say take a three one lead into their second leg against the this is the match we were all focused on arsenal to winners over Napoli. Aaron Ramsey was in early bowl fourteenth minute. And then about ten minutes after that Lucas Torrero with shot takes flex polo Bali rule his own goal. The possession stats there. Tell us one story. But I don't really think they tell the story of the game perhaps expected goals. Maybe more accurate of what we saw on the pitch Paul start with human arsenal dominant pretty much wire-to-wire. Right. The first position absolutely fantastic. The play SaaS football the going through the lies of was incredible one or two does not believe could not live with them. I it was just it was. Fortunate. The only on could get the two goals because it's it's still slightly open this. But if they bring it as tonight, the they'll get through I is quite remarkable with this with the team selection and be with the the different performance from the Evison game. We can't compare to tonight's is unrecognizable this. I why are they so? Yeah. That's my concern. This game should should be deaden. If it was four or five would still be sent as about right Ramsey comes in the fantastic goal. Missed the sittin second half, but it was an encouraging performance. But said that I thought Knopfler extremely pool you mentioned it during the match matter you Ramses, he's not coming back. Well, we've been buying the Drome this program for a long time. How how he wasn't resigned in eighteen months ago to two years ago, it it's quite remarkable. And they're gonna have to spend big to try and replace this guy because the present moment this this is a sign of the tree professional this guy is yes, he's going events this. But he's still putting the shift. Those very very important is extremely good talk box to box play. Sure, if you're the arsenal board you're looking around how many players on this team better than an Randy known. You know, he's he's actually the men then men player in the middle of the partner is fire is getting forward and contribution scoring goals and connecting so nice walk in the door. Three two for free. Disaster. However, it should only to know, Dan, as great as arsenal are home. There is by the way from home..

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