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To him and flaws. Let me throw this to you. Do you think that tennessee. Williams needed to create hyper a realized situations to tell the stories that he was going to tell because at that time he couldn't effectively tell a story without it. Having this kind of melodrama undercurrent where here you can tell them much more grounded story because we have evolved as a culture. We are able to you to see a little bit more. Maybe in that way. Like if tennessee williams writing in nineteen ninety seven. Maybe streetcar would be less. You know the story would be the same but the but the performance might be a little bit smaller That's an interesting so much that in the world of allegory or like. Yeah yeah because you're right like i think casio. Lemons is after making something that's poetic but still credible like there isn't a lot of i think on the nose dialogue in this film. It's not a lot of like you did exactly this. And i'm telling you exactly why and i'm slapping in the face. For this reason. You know even here where giant things are happening. It's still going on said even in even in even in that you see and with like really and in her dead they don't really talk about it. You know he pushes her. He slaps her. They don't they're not like and here's why there's so much left unsaid. Even between them. Well i think that that is how most families are. We're talking a little bit about this idea. That cova has brought families together or may be allowed us to reach out ending. Well let me just say. I'll say that covid for me has given me this moment to be at home a little bit more to think about my family thing about myself and i've been looking at certain things in my life and now as a parent and as an adult you look back. We'll wait. that doesn't make sense. My my childhood version of this story doesn't make sense and all of a sudden i'm asking my dad. I'm asking him we. Do you remember that well. That didn't happen like that. It was more like this. Oh of course. And i think the first time i really ever realized that was when i went to the doctor as an adult like probably in college and they were like well. Tell me your family history. And i started saying my family history but that doesn't make sense. Oh he no like what people tell you why people die or what happened. Is the child version. But no one ever goes back and goes oh by the way we told you all the stuff when you were ten and twelve year. twenty one. The truth of it was he was an alcoholic or the truth of it. Kind of comes out differently. years later. But you have to uncover. You almost are an archaeologist to your own family history. It's true and we get to actually see that even start to be enacted even little ways like right at the beginning. When eve is trying to explain to sicily that she saw her dad trying to have sex with another lady. You get to watch sissy just put the most. Pg spin on it. Tell her everything is fine and like how ally gets immediately made up and then becomes part of like the permanent story of this family. They came in to get some daddy total joke and she fell against laughing. Sure i'm sorry. I mean what would daddy won't with mattie miro must be a woman in the whole world i mean this is a really dumb example of this but i mean i don't know if you've ever known that i like a big birthmark on my shoulder little. Oh yeah okay. Yeah this little guy right here on my shoulder. When i was when i was a kid my memory of getting it is that i was hit by a firework that like fell from the sky when i was watching The bluewater parade. It's like a big festival. That was in michigan and it burned me and then like a week later. Remember noticing that firework and be like. Oh that's interesting. And then i finally asked my mother about it and she said it was a smallpox vaccination scar which is just it. Just it just. It clearly isn't running because those look completely differently and realizing i will never know what this thing isn't if i always had it because i can't trust anyone to tell me the truth because maybe nobody knows and maybe it doesn't matter like that's the smallest weird. That's a very small dumb example. But i think about it. Every time i look at my birthmark. No absolutely. it's we are also giving over our history too flawed narrators right because we look to our parents but our parents aren't telling us you know there's no one there watching which is what makes the story of this movie even more interesting because i believe it was about a year ago maybe two years ago. Ebert fest brought kazzee back to show the film but the director's cut of this film which is incredibly different than the theatrical cut in the sense that there is someone who can tell the truth She had another character in this movie. And i'm gonna probably bastardize it a little bit but you know this is partially autobiographical in the sense of. It has elements of things in her family while not necessarily being the story of her family. If that makes sense right You know this is her remembering her child at trips that you took from louisiana and she wanted to write a story about the these people who were like royalty you know they were the upper crust of this community. And so she kind of ito. Infuse all these elements but one of the things that you talked about listening to this interview with her was someone who had special needs and lived in like lived upstairs all. She said that. I knew about my. My cousin or uncle was at. We always say to him but he never really came downstairs. He couldn't really speak. And i remember that my family to there was someone who aunt may like was in the house. We never really saw her and she like. It was a weird way that people took care of people special needs you know it was like they hid them away so long story short is this character. Existed in this house was a character that lived in this house in a wheelchair and couldn't speak. He was mute. And you see them in here like why. What is he doing here. And then the version i saw this night to him and then the it like what is what is happening so that character was throughout the film and that character saw what happened but the only person who knows the truth is a person who can't speak and They forced her to cut that out of the film so much so that it was right before the film premiered so she wrestled with that. They you see i to kind of eliminate this character Because mark ameen and this is kind of a crazy thing. I just did a movie with mark mean He was the producer of this film. He needs produce a lot of interesting things. I mean he's produced Movies like leprechaun goes to space and miles davis like you know our miles You know like he's gone all over the gamut and he was like. I feel strongly. You need to take this character out and she restored it for this cut. And it's really interesting. Because i wanted to talk to you about that idea like so she puts in someone who does know the truth but can't say it now. Is that strong or stronger than what is happening. In the film in your opinion i want. I have an opinion about it. But what do you think. Having a character there is that add to it. Well let's see.

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