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Four. Back on animal party. It's up. We got we got cats and we're talking about spring with testy rainbow the cat. Wrangler cat wrangling made easy is my favorite cat book. And it taught me so many things like about touch in fact, but we'll talk about that later right now, we're gonna talk about spring, so dusty what about the pollen? What's the issue there for you? Well, I'll tell you what I have pollen allergies. It is insane. This time of year. I sound like my nose is always stopped up. Then I can't talk. And and I get that Lauren Bacall voice. But the truth is, it's not just me cats. Get these allergy in dogs animals. Get these allergies as well. And some cats also have grass allergies, and I know doggies who have little their feet ballroom, and there's just all kinds of things going on mold depending on where you are. So spring is. Beautiful, but it can be a difficult time to be a a cat or dog. Who can't tell you? Oh, my sinuses are killing me or g these fleas or driving me crazy, and I'm stripping the for off my skin. So you just have to watch them. Well, I think grooming is huge this time of year. 'cause you gotta brush if they come in all covered in pollen, you're gonna suffer. They're gonna suffer. Everybody's suffering brush brush brush, if you can get a vacuum with a long arm and get your pets to tolerate that. That really helps there's other things to diet can affect things a lot, but keeping them clean and hosing them off especially dogs who've been in dirty muddy water water that's questionable just hose them off. They shouldn't sit in that or have to lick it off and for cats. It's the same kind of thing if you know if they're naked and they're low to the ground. So if your neighbors spraying pesticides, keep your cat in that day. That's just not something he should run through, you know. Really and his feet to the feet the pads. They're so exposed all the time. I worry so much about people burning the pads are cutting the pads off their animals because you know, maybe their dogs been inside a lot lately. And it's the first dry hot day in the pavement scorching and the person's wearing running shoes and doesn't notice and they take the dog out at noon, and bam now the dog's dying to go for a walk it so excited and it wants to keep up with its human. So won't even let on as it's wearing its pads completely, raw, you know. You gotta feel the ground yourself. So spring time when we gotta get ready for the weather. Right. Absolutely. And in my part of the country a lot of people love their dogs in the back of the pickup, and and take home wherever they're going. And you got to remember that those pickups at least in our part of the country that metal get scorching hot. So you don't make sure that that your dog has some kind of protection. I mean, you know, maybe a blanket or something if you're going to do that. Well, the other thing the other thing about that is the humans inside a cab. So they're in shade often in air conditioning and the dogs outside with win. So he seems to feel good, but he is actually indirect total exposure to the sun the entire time. There's no shade over him. So that's right. He's getting sunstroke. He's getting heated up piece getting dehydrated. He's getting cranky. If he's a normal dog or an older dog or you know, like it's just not a good a good plan. You gotta think this went out a little bit better when traveling with your pets, and in a lot of places you'll get a ticket for that. Anyway. So it's not it's not and then they pull you over. They're going to start writing other tickets if their pet lovers what's going on with that rare talent it's going on here tire pressure. Oh, no. I once had a constable on the on the radio when I was on C kale, the Colona cross Canada network, and this guy this constable Kimani called into the show just to tell people that he's looking for them. And if he sees anybody with a dog loose in the back. Of a pickup even tied on a leash if they're not in a correct harness, and they're not provided for adequately. He's gonna find everything wrong. He can. And he was like warning my listeners it was like, oh, no Lancy or what? But you know, he said dogs become missiles when you put on the brakes that dogs eighty pounds becomes eight hundred pounds with the force of the motion. And it kills drivers. And passengers that was his point. That was his issue that it's just not safe. So I understand why where they're coming from. But the heat to you gotta really watch. No dogs and cars. No cats in cars. Right. Right. Well, I was getting ready to go there. Yes down here. It is about oh ninety something degrees. And at this moment. So that means five minutes in the car, it it'll be like a hundred and ten and twenty minutes, it can get up to a hundred and thirty so no animals in the car. And in Texas. I'm happy to tell you that. There is a good Samaritan. Jason law, and you can break a you can break a window. If you find an animal, you know, I'd advise calling fleece, but you know, if it's super hot, and you see the animal and since distress I'd do it even if they didn't have the law. So yeah. Yeah. Over here. We don't get the heat like that. But it can get like that all of a sudden when you don't expect it like today, it's it's not very warm, maybe seventy five degrees and slightly cloudy, and there's a cool breeze. But if the clouds were to blow over and the sun were to come out for an hour or two it would be ninety. And then what right. The dog left in the car in the shade is not in the shade anymore. Now, he's in trouble. And it's just so not fair. So people really just don't do it. I know Rover wants to come with you. He says, but if he only knew what was in store, he would choose to stay home. He just doesn't know. Right. He thinks you're taking swimming. Like, he has no idea. Okay. So disasters over here. We're worried about floods and forest fires. We just vacuum Bardstown island. Mostly couldn't get all the animals off. Couldn't get everything off. It was oh people were so worried and then the floods subsided the floodwaters, so it's okay, and they're bringing all the animals back. But if you're ever in the past of a disaster and your animals are friendly, and they don't know their names and commands, and you're not stocked up with what you need, then your animals aren't going to be the lucky ones. Right. That's right. Absolutely. You know, you really need to especially cats, you really need to get them used to the carrier put the carrier out put treats, and they're put a bed in their make the carrier their friend, and you can even train them to when you whistle or click or certain command to go to the carrier. And that is a lifesaver. You know dogs are. Are certainly bring out the leash. And I know my dog just goes nuts, and he's circling, and he's, you know, so excited to see the leash, but for cats the carrier, generally, I call it that transport device because most of the time when they see that. That's what's going to happen is they're going to be loaded up in there. And that's it. Off to the vet. So if you can make that there little sanctuary, then when the time comes they might actually, you know, if there's a fire in the house, they go to where they feel safe, and if they feel safe, and that carrier, they might seek out the carrier, and if not then hopefully, you're training to go to the carrier on command would come in very handy and be a lifesaver, you know, it doesn't take that much. I have five cats and sometimes more coming through and rotating and whatnot but five right now, and I tend to have a very small tat kennel sort of perched inside one of those giant cat scratch things. And when I go to grab cotton from the garden and spread it around. Again. I always put some in there. And sure enough within minutes, there's an hour. Anyway, there's a cat in there. You know, and I have a larger one on the base underneath another cat scratching a different location. With a nice comfy bed and same thing. Going on always the catnip in narrow and sometimes I throw a whole sprig in there. And so they just don't mind it right with dogs. 'cause you tend to do puppy chaining, and you use your crate, but I sell golden doodle standard poodles and labrador does and often at about eight months. I get the call from the people who bought the puppy saying, would you like your back, and I say, no because I would like you to keep it you need that because the rescue people don't want your loose dog, and the shelters they're all out of kennels, and the flood is coming the fires coming, and, you know, your dog has a crate they have space, bingo, and your dogs more comfortable in the crate you provided so you can disassemble it into two parts. So it's just a began tub. He can throw the screws inside ziplock bag and put it with the door in between the two levels. So you don't lose it. And then it's their eight PM put your other emergency supplies in there. So it's all in one place. But you definitely don't want to get rid of those crates. And ideally, you'd keep went around somewhere for your dog to still have it as hang out, even if it's on the back porch somewhere, even if it's the place he goes when the kids get to rough or maybe there's fireworks and he wants to hide. From them or he just feels like a good ole snooze. Maybe you stick a bone in there once in a while doesn't expect some special. Geico, real good two-way that he doesn't always get where you teach him at trick for it. But you want him to like that place two very important. Well, and you know, let's face it. This is the real world. And I you know, I encourage everybody to go ahead and start making friends between their cat and their carrier. If that hasn't been done, and if the fire is, you know, a couple of blocks away, and you're going, oh, we need to get out of here. Now, the one thing you can do with the cat is I have told cases just in case and the cat doesn't associate the pillowcase with the vet the same way the carrier same context. So get the pillowcase out puts kitty in there tying not. And then you can catch your next cat, and then slide them in the carrier. But you know, it's. Yeah. That works to. Yes. I mean that's in case of. Emergency. And you never know. Because second you bring that carrier out. They're gonna hide. So yes. Ninety and bring it out the second you think of going to get it. They're gonna. Seriously, humans must emit some kind of a faira moan when they're thinking about the vet because they just I think it's visual picture. I really do because I've tried this tested a few times.

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