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Slows pretty much. From south Fremont on up to Stevenson your next traffic, updated eight twenty eight on the traffic leader, KOA, KCBS, six day forecast comes to us now from KCBS in K PIX, five, Aaron peck, keeping an eye on the radar this evening, even though we are mostly done with this storm. There's still some left to get through here. In fact, the last little wave of energy, that's gonna come through from the north tonight between about seven o'clock midnight tonight. It won't be widespread rain. But what it will be is an uptick in thunderstorms. Isolated thunderstorms across the entire bay area. Many of us won't see anything at all. But some of us will get at least one of those isolated thunderstorms and could happen anywhere. So the chances go up doesn't necessarily mean we're all going to get it, though. And then that'll clear out once we get past midnight, and then we're done by the time we get into tomorrow, we're going to get a nice little break here. Temperatures will warm backup for us to be near eighty inland. And we'll keep the temperatures in the mid upper sixties throughout the bay really for the next three or four days taking us into the weekend, and then by Saturday. The temperatures will cool down. In a bit because on Sunday, the next week little system gets here. And that brings yet again another chance for light rain, a few isolated showers for Sunday, but it doesn't look like the impressive rain that we just saw over the last few days, I'm meteorologist Aaron peck, KCBS radio traffic, and weather together. On the eighth on all news, one of six nine AM, seven forty KCBS KCBS news time eight twenty one as your Newswatch continues. Oakland was one of the first cities to welcome pot dispensaries. Well, taxing them at the same time now more than a year into legalisation. It could be the taxes that kill them tonight. The city council is set to vote on cutting those taxes in half.

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