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What happened but one thing noticed The more the game went on was that The phoenix suns center. De'andre aden the rim as much as he was In the first quarter. And ona why this happened is it seemed like either sons as warren really given the ball or he really just wasn't being dominant. In my opinion it was a little bit of both. You know you're not you know stopping up at that point with after one quarter play aiden had ten points and when you look at what happened in the third quarter deondraye eight one three field Didn't shoot a three and shoot free. Throw only one rebound two points got gotta have a little bit more intensity coming out of the third quarter. I believe if you're in in. He's off the hook either. I mean chris. Paul and devon booker were pretty much no-show throughout this whole entire game and when you look at what happened in the third quarter devon booker to five from the field chris. Paul one three from the field poll only made one three pointer out of one attempt and devon booker denim. Make a single three pointer out of two temps but boettger got to the line two times and as a result i booker had six points but chris. Paul only had three ono when he just look down this line of scoring for this theme sons team in third quarter mikhail british three points jae crowder zero points the under eighteen two point. Seven booker t. Six points chris. Paul three points to cameron johnson. Five points and torrey craig with two points as well. Not a winning recipe In the playoffs if he asked me and when flipped the script when you look at the clipper side already sub paul. George terrace man. They both had ten points each zubec- four points reggie jackson. Four points Marks more senior three points. And luke. Kuhn ardsley point so really when you look at it. Paul jordan caravan were the only guys get going for the clippers in the third quarter but at the end of the day. Someone on the on the phoenix on. Just one person doesn't have to be a unit doesn't have to be group. All it takes is one person and one possession to change the momentum of the game and going into the fourth quarter. I really thought you know this was going to change and When you when you look at the tape and everything and how to fourth quarter. Kind of unraveled everything. The phoenix suns. Were able to kind of come back and cut this deficit down to six points to two possession game. But i'll know what happened. It just seemed like in a blink of an eye. The clippers really took control this game and they did in the fourth quarter. Thanks to reggie jackson. Since he had ten points in the fourth quarter that really mounted the momentum. Kind of killed some of the How you called the Drives runs for sons team and really kinda killed at it was Reggie jackson's quarter in the fourth quarter score. Ten points like i said for some the field fifty seven percent all In two or three from three point line a sixty six percent from there so When you look at it and you look at takeaways of this game give credit to tyron lou Great adjustments for game. Three now on came out with the different starts different story lineup with patrick. Beverley at point guard reggie jackson shooting guard. Paul george small for terrence mann at the four because zubac at the fives or usual starting lineup if outside of While or not playing is usually i believe Patrick beverley Reggie jackson paul george. But then i believe It goes marcus. Morris and dan sometimes nicholas but tomb at the five. And we're seeing you know Tyron lou at least in those first few series kind of go away from you know playing center for x. amount of minutes and instead they're go small but now since you have no john ray eight in the center of that construct the floor out you know. He can shoot three ball even though he really hasn't been during the playoffs. The all sorts of mid range shot so as a center. That's big if you can no the floors shoot so with that putting enough because zubac at the center position was on a great move by lu. I mean he had A a total free throw attempts into four in the first quarter made seven of them. So i think it was a great necessary adjustment. all in all You know Biden at the end of the day. The one thing. I'm gonna take away from this that Patrick beverley on booker Or putting patrick. Beverley on booker Made a game harder book. That is an end desserts. Give you a little stats Booker when guard by patrick beverley He has four fifteen from the field. Twenty six percent from the field and oh to the three point line and when booker's guarded by everyone else other than patrick beverley. he's nineteen forty one. The field forty six percent and five fifteen from three point line so it was clear that putting patrick beverley on them booker is something that is working. You know if any broke. Don't fix it now. I don't think tyrod lou is going to stop putting patrick beverley on booker anytime soon and this would be an interesting match like going forward you. I'm excited to see what devin booker has against. Patrick beverley on offense. He has a great game all in all. The patrick beverley definitely had his last game and It was clear that Tyron lou won his players to play more aggressive Four game three as a result of what happened with game two. Obviously everyone knows what happened with game two with the valley. Up jay crowder tossing game winning allieu pass to deondraye and for the win Without you know. I said with my miami heat Game one with a milwaukee bucks. I feel like the miami heat didn't come out with a aggressiveness that they needed In that instance. I feel like The clippers in this instance Took that game winner. And they thought they got blown out by thirty in that instance. They played game. Pre likes to dig it up by thirty and as a result they were able to win By phone a score of one oh six to ninety two and one more stat Talk about here as regained towards the end of the for segment. Paul george has had sixteen straight games. A twenty plus points. This is the longest streak in clippers history and the longest active streak and the nba. Currently all know. I know If we're not on twitter if you're not on social media whatnot. There seems to be a kind of joke around paul george. He called himself a playoff p A little bit ago when believe when he was on the thunder and as a result of that ever since then he has really been playing As grade as some people would think you would.

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