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Wanna do SpaceX. We're going to Jupiter. You don't want stability when it comes to instability. When it comes to your you really don't you really? All right. I want to tell you about Goldline who's our sponsor this half hour. We had a guy on last hour. If you missed this portion of the program, go back and listen to it. We had a guy who wrote the book on the skyscraper skyscraper theory, which he's a von mises economists. And he did the study of why does it seem like every time a giant skyscraper? A record-breaking. Skyscraper is opened. The world goes into economic chaos. And in the course of talking to him. I said, so what do you think is coming because his theory is rock solid. And I said, what do you think is coming and he said oh a bad storm. And I said gimme in categories. What's a bad storm? He said category. Six almost said shark NATO. But he's. Yeah. Before that category. Six I said where would you put the great depression? Category. Five. Oh, and he said in November he thinks we're already in it. Now, this is the edge of the storm that we're may I suggest you go and listen to that interview. And then, you know, pray on it think on it. Call for Goldline could get some information about gold or silver and find out if it's right for you. But I urge you urge you I haven't been like this since two thousand seven with you. I urge you it is.

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