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Welcome to another weekend. Bonus episode of the tech. Name ride home. I'm brian mccullough. Did y'all do your homework. I'm just kidding. Of course but we are going to talk to the great. Connie chan once again about that package of essays from andriessen hurwitz. That i mentioned on the weekend long reads yesterday and we're going to talk about the future of video. Connie says it's going to be live social and shop abol oh and a reminder to maybe watch this on our youtube channel to up our numbers a bit please enjoy kami. I was just saying you basically seated my weekend long range segment for this week. The the whole run a whole. I guess the package that y'all put out is about social not being dead or at least not being completely you know Claimed at this point. Can we start with the premise of these essays while people think social was basically done that big platforms had locked. I'll let you guys are positing. The exact opposite almost yes. I think there wasn't phase in a time when a lot of investors felt. We already have instagram. We already have snapped. There isn't going to be a new social player and we are exactly like you're saying bryant am arguing the opposite because we actually still think. There's a lot of problems in jobs to done. Social that are not addressed today are also new formats around video around audio where we think there's still a lot more experimentation to be done anything about social. I think one very narrow definition of social is capturing the people you are not know the reality is social just means you're interacting with another human being and so there's a whole wide universe of formed yet to be built to help you meet. Other people may be that you don't know as well or your maybe just acquaintances with that. You'd actually have a fantastic relationship that you had great interaction so maybe is it fair to say. Maybe the social graph has been locked down in terms of we've mapped out all of our relationships. But what you're saying. Is this new type of social is going beyond that. And basically ways that that aren't actually lining up to a graph digitizing the rest of our human interaction right actually like the people. I call most frequently. Don't necessarily map to the same people iheart on instagram. Which don't necessarily mapped to the same. People are messaging online den and so we as human beings have multiple identities and different social graphs. And right now. I still believe. There's a lot of our grass and interactions. that are not yet digitized. So maybe it would help if we mentioned some for framing purposes like you're saying new types of social so like name some of these apps or services that are these new types that you're talking about. I mean well. For example in the audio faith clubhouses a new way. You can engage in meet with people that you haven't met in the past and maybe you don't even know but you get together because you have a shared interest in a topic and you learn about each other and you can become friends with each other in the in the video space. Tiktok i think has taken the country by storm and continues to grow because it is also introducing you to new content creators and new people. You want to follow it otherwise right. There's that eugene way idea of it's not about followers so much as it's this new you're able to surface new ideas and new people in different ways. Beyond just again. Mapping to a social graph. Yes because they idea that my friends know exactly what i want to buy what i want to eat what i wanna do next. I think is just a flog premise. When i when i buy things. I don't actually ask my closest friends for the recommendations because most of the time and buying completely different things i actually trust even though i know the reviews aren't one hundred percent accurate. I trust the amazon reviews more. So when i'm shopping for say a baby product than just asking one or two friends because you have the wisdom of the masses you have more people engaging in that conversation and that was the other interesting thing reading all of the essays like basically. You're positing that. Having social component can be plugged in for all sorts of uses. Now like a retention tool you. Can you can use it for education. Shopping fitness food entertainment. Everything so again. Maybe if we've always from the beginning of the web era been like well you can have commerce as a component of whatever your platform does. It's almost now. The inverse is that you can have social media component of whatever you're doing education commerce but the social at the end of the day just means you're interacting with someone and that whole idea social plus exactly what you're saying my partner. Darcy wrote a great piece on that. And i do believe that. Social can be embedded across the board especially on anything where you are watching content interacting with other viewers interacting with the creator. Or maybe you're doing something that's interactive to begin with such as education in you're interacting with the teacher and other students You know reading the the whole suite of essays. It made me think that yeah it. It not only is social not dead. But we're kind of seeing like a weird resurgence right now in everything because if you think like peleton has a social element that they're starting to build out like we hear so much about like in gaming fortnight and roadblocks among us even you're mentioning like clubhouse but house party also in messaging and things like that. Do you have any idea why now that i see that. It is almost a resurgence. Do you have any idea why. We're seeing this resurgence right now. Like what changes. Technically or culturally have happened. That have led to this resurgence. I think we were always going to get here. Get here to this moment and it just takes a little while to kept those realization. That social really does to wonderful things for companies one is. It's very fun and so you talk about like among us games. This makes doing whatever you're doing more fun. It makes it more game like it has leaderboards right like with palestine when you can see how.

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