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And i just found that to be such a telling story of like. I'm sure everybody else in the room was like i'm the impostor he's the real deal right and he still felt the same thing. And what does it tell us that all of the messages that were receiving can contradict our own absolute bullet points on a resume truths of ourselves. Like if everything out there saying like you don't matter and you're wrong in your faking it. You haven't earned this like we have to give everybody that we meet like so much slack for being everybody because we've all been told that we're not enough and if we just assume that everybody else is fantastic. Were probably going to be right. If we just assume everybody else is fantastic. Were probably going to be right. I don't know who it was. The quote i feel like it was nelson mandela like. It never hurts to believe the best in someone will often be proved right you know. I think it's often act the better because of it right. I mean if you're gonna go into a room and set up some expectations. Why not just assume everything's great and then no one feels ashamed worried like that's a huge gift to give to somebody totally and you know what you just said reminds me of this general idea that so much of what we're talking about here are the stories that we create. I can do it or i can't do it. No one knows. The future is not written so by nature. If i say i can do it making up story and if i say i can't do it i'm making up a story. It's not. there's no fact there's no reality there's no truth and so if we're making it up you know if walk into a room full of people. I'm like those people are jerks. That's a story. If i say they're all wonderful people same thing why not pick ones that empower us. Yeah when we if we do assume all sorts of abilities and trust in other people that's proudly going to build a better foundation of whatever it is we're trying to do than assuming people are stupid enough to get us bad and it doesn't do us any good it just makes us more terrified of everyone else. As opposed to saying oh. I got six people in this room. We've got this. I don't need to know what they're capable of but they're six of us. We got done. Yep absolutely well. We did not get through all seven points. Matter of fact we got through five and a half so we're going to finish the last two points we have. We have two and a half points to get through. We're going to do it in the po- show conversation and these are to my favorite points. Be aware and be curious. So we'll do that in the post show conversation listeners. If you'd like access to that post show conversation to a special episode. I do.

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