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The programmer gentleman here on this post Superbowl weekend and there is something you ought to be worried about there's some action you know to be taking about the were you ought to be having it's no it's not the corona virus and stop the flow it's taxes okay yes we know death and taxes always go together and so yes it's tax season and what we are telling you to do with your tax return is something we've been telling you to do for the past couple of years but it's a radical departure what we used to say decades ago we used to say you delay filing your taxes until April because you want to wait and make sure that the ten ninety nine you receive from your mutual fund companies are accurate they often send revisions in February March what we now say is even more fundamental more important and its reflection of cyber security you need to file your tax return as soon as you can why because of the risk that crocs are filing a fake tax return using your name your social security number and trying to get a big refund from the IRS that they divert to them instead of to you so if you are planning to get a tax refund you should file your return before the crux crazy I know but if you have any questions about that talk your tax adviser about it and also by the way never provide personal information over the phone to anybody who calls you claiming to be from the IRS the IRS never makes phone calls they never send emails that never post on social media do not believe it when somebody says hi there I'm from the IRS from here to help you because true I talk often on this program about financial education.

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