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Those was A lot more closer than i thought this would be an okay. You gotta give credit to the cubs score hanging around and the guy down. They tied back up. But you know we got the lucky wild pitch in the bottom of the night than they were phillies. We're able to walk it off in thing that really obviously helped them in the L. e. standings. I think they're only what three and a half games out or some three games and other braves game got postponed today because of bad weather but That we got it over the line and then like you mentioned Couple pitching changes for us. I was gonna fade. Mike minor yesterday but got changed to hernandez and the as still to curb business against Against the rolls yesterday. I think they want to all the ten and right now. They're two in the top of the night so You know we'll see how that goes by you. Know a a win is a win. And we'll we'll take the w any day of the week. Yeah mine's My dog still alive tonight. Isn't it tyler. Alexander is going for detroit. Which i was i was cool would get a win. It's the it's up to for bullpen. I think someone paid off. Somebody head pictured tampa bay going in his is an open started off. So i think the tags on the live doppler but it won't be an official due to the pitching changes weeks news will surround just a few little bits and bobs. Because obviously the scots here. So we've got all the good stuff to get to. Julio last i became the first pitcher to get to eighteen wins for the dodgers on the season. he's kind of being overlooked. I think he's to be overlooked. We've entered once or twice Assad because he's always been twenty five hundred thirty three and mainly because a couple of the names For example cheers. He's on the roster with him. he's been outstanding season. And i think he gets a little. Bit short-changed me up these pitch conversations. I definitely that's true having said that. I'm kind of curious. How the cy young awards going to play out because you have basically three guys on the same team that are just cannibalizing votes from each other. Is you mentioned shirts. You can't forget about bueller and you also got a mention your. I just think it's kind of funny. Now that kershaw's back in the rotation because he's healthy again that he might be the best number four starter like in a single season ever which is kinda funny. I'm trying to think of other comparisons. You have the orioles team that had four separate twenty game winners back. When jump jim palmer was still there but the point is is that your is has been great. Is it going to win the award. No you can be in the nomination. Maybe if it was the same criteria they used to use just over inflated how how valuable wins war because that's where he ranks but the issue is is that is on even the best pitcher on his team is not even the second best pitcher in his rotation. He's not going to win the award. Of course i still think is a very good pitcher. And there's a reason why he ended up closing the deciding game in the world series last year of the bullpen is because roberts realized he was really good but he's had a great year..

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