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We're streaming, and we're YouTube in I don't know if the those are verbs, but are making the verbs YouTube me and Facebook at six minutes after six o'clock on 'em nights of the answer with Frankie and Allen, Debbie. You're very humble ready for drivetime players. So we're on the air, and we're live on television. Good morning, George. It'd be Georgia's there with his matters air with us, Emily, and conklin, I play the team that we put together, but we can't do it without you being there. So I get my loot notes social media that you were kind enough to send me, and I would like to personally thank you for listening because you know, when you look at the world, and we'll go crazy. It is. And how people are negative all the time twenty four seven we try to take the high road. Any always easy, not always easy, so say everything negative, so but you were they're taking the high road believing in this country believing in the greatness of the United States of America believing in what we're trying to do is just trying to make some sense of it. Also, thank you with all, my heart. I tell you it doesn't go by is that you. Get Joe him with the and we're up and we're Adam ready for Franken. Allen, Debbie, Allen, not so much. But but it's. Already takes a shot. Wow. You know to you're the first thing I do is. I look at what is riveting would is breaking God forbid, and then I look, and then if it's not too riveting then I could just deviate from the ridiculous crazy this other day because you know, what I did yesterday. Did you see a press coverage in the middle of the day at talking to you? Listen and watching now is that what you had you had Steve Mnuchin Treasury Secretary yet John Bolton national security advisor and Larry cudlow agrees. Larry, and I'm watching these three administration officials at the press conference at the White House yesterday. In in the middle of everything by the way in the middle of running from one thing to the next thing. My crazy day going I stopped watching TV. I said you don't want pretty good shape. I like when the president delegates this I said, we're could shape, but if everybody's complain it's all about Roger stone. Our buddy Roger out there. You know? And then I'm saying we're in pretty good shape. And that's the the tenor. We're we're okay. We're okay. And now Kamala Harris Senator is running. She's she's running and you don't. And it's great. And I wish her all the best, but don't start and talk to you more intimately at this time this early in the morning is what gets me crazy is when they start saying, I worry about my child being pulled over by police officer stop right there. Just stop right there. Don't start with that. We had eight years of that under Barack Obama and Eric Holder stop right there. It's WI fi police officers were shot in my opinion last night in Houston. This is what exactly what don't start there. Miss harris. You had a good shot make the run godspeed down. You do not go there with the derogatory. Attacks on law enforcement. It weakens the whole society. Did you see you say that have meant to mention that yesterday? She's actually started our colored stop stop with the divide because they don't have anything else. And then you're gonna have she's gonna take away your healthcare. We I mean, I look health did needs to be healthcare reform. And this is by the way, I get so upset about the, you know, the diagnose we'll be publicans down there in Washington. President Trump got everybody in and they should have done a healthcare a total healthcare package. They did not they let that go. Now, you're going to see all the liberals coming out saying he's gonna pay for it. You're gonna pay for it. And you know, we're gonna get nothing put my hand under my chin like Disney, you get nothing. I get nothing like that. So there could have been a whole immigration reform package. So we'll see where we're going on all of that. So the day is us Roger stone is I just think it's so funny because when Frankie, but Roger into the fray here into the radio station. And I said you mean the. The Richard Nixon. I just don't like he goes. Yeah. Man. You gotta meet I told you about that yesterday. So Roger now is like he's like the everybody's talking about Roger stone. He was with Sean last night. And he said this is an Rogers don't said this is an attack on the president listened to Joey on the radio. This is your pal on the radio. I can't I don't have it in me to to kind of excuse, my expression, BS, you I don't I don't I just gotta deal with a straight Roger stone. No matter what happens is going to be pardoned by Donald J Trump bomb. I wish that the department of Justice. No, another department Justice the Muller people. I wish the Muller people the Muller. Mike demand mother might. Ooh, the many mother means that are going after everybody you got put this in your head. Rogers is going to be pardoned if indeed he's indicted arraignment arraignment today about eleven o'clock in the morning. We check that out. But honestly, don't waste your time. Don't waste my money. Don't waste my money. It's absolutely an excuse. So we'll get into it. All today. Speaking of which Michael Caputo is on the show longtime Republican political consultant, former Donald Trump campaign, Roger stone protege and he has spoken with Mola's team. Michael kind enough to join us. You saw Michael FOX yesterday. And he's gonna join us in about in about twenty minutes. You want to hear what has got to say that the government can come after you like this. Absolutely. I am so enthralled all and if it happens God forbid happens, but the power of the government without any evidence to come. After us scary. It's scary. It happened. Listen is happening to Roger stone. Michael caputo? What's happening? What they did. The Michael Cohen Cohen folded like that man could happen. Any of us, be careful congressman Peter King. He's doing a great job in Washington. Just trying to keep the peace in Washington and work with both sides. He represents New York's second congressional district on Long Island. We're gonna see what's going on in Afghanistan. Because now there's going to be some kind of peace proposal in Afghanistan. I'll tell you something. Can we talk about that just for second before we go into the rest of the the the star studded cast that we have for you today. They'll never and God. Forgive me, if I'm wrong, you can't go. She ate with Afghanistan with sues. We get out the terrorists take takeover in my opinion. Am I wrong? Call me and tell me I'm wrong, please, call me and tell me I'm wrong. Eight seven seven nine seven twenty nine ninety nine on. We're gonna try. We're gonna go. She ate. We're gonna pull out of Afghanistan. We've been there all these years. And now once you get out, and you know, I don't know that we should we should Afghanistan shirt out of their terrorist. Compl- take over the whole thing. I'm telling you. That's what that's what they do. They go in these these religious fanatics go in to take over. And then they they'll never be peace because they don't know peace or they notified they'll fight amongst themselves. But when we pull out me problem, that's what I worry about Syria. You know, you pull it when you pull everybody out of Syria happen doesn't leave a big vacuum near four Russia for Iran. You know, certainly for Syria and Assad it's dangerous to think about that. So we'll get into it. Congress McCain knows all about that. And he's kind enough to join us in seven o'clock hour, Arthur. Dalla I always say God forbid, I go down with a massive coronary or or something God forbid army driving. I'd like Mr. driving something happens when I drive, and I cannot do the show any longer what happened to Joe Kelley went off the road at seventy eight we never heard God forbid God forbid, but I don't have a driver. I barely have a hotel just holding on by a thread, if something happens Arthur's demand that's step in. I've anointed Arthur the balance that he's gonna come. Anyway, I joke I just I kid Arthur's on an eight o'clock hour, we'll be talking about everything with El Chapo and Harvey Weinstein and everything else. And also what's going on between Arthur's take on the Catholic church? What's going on with cardinal Dolan? And and governor Cuomo abortion situation cardinal Dolan. It's been great. He's been great on the air. I don't know. And I say this with respect to my friend. Andrew Cuomo my acquaintance, Andrew Cuomo in with high regard for his mom. I don't know what kind of Catholic that guy is a really don't. I just don't you can stand fast. You could say, look, it's my religion. This is what I believe. But whatever you want to vote you vote, but I cannot put this in regards to abortion. And again, I'm just putting this out there. I don't understand the governor Cuomo and feel for cardinal Dolan. But you can call me eight seven seven nine seven twenty nine ninety nine Commissioner Bernie Kerik in the studio live. What's what is with all the attacks on police officers? It's everywhere. It's in Houston last night five cop shot, Mike what's going on? And I think it is. And I may be wrong Commissioner Kirk knows Beth when you go out and you say when you can run for president, I worry about my son or one needs of of color that the police are going to pull them up. You know? And I tell you Mr. Harris if I may. You know, if if your son doesn't do anything wrong is not going to be a problem, it you son is to pull over any polls over trust me. I promise you is not going to be a problem. I'm promise you just as an and will listen to what Commissioner Kirk has to say, Mike Gallagher with us and John Roka's. Great John is a veteran of the F D, N Y, man, great, firefighter, firefighter, and he has left or saves lives. And they're going to do a whole new I show for the first responders and do these comedy shows, and I'll be with law enforcement against drugs tomorrow at the Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey at me. Oh, you Joey benefit baby. You know, what I'm saying, you gotta charity. I got a tuxedo. So I'll be there tomorrow night. So we'll let you know what's going on. It's quarter after six o'clock six fifty Frankie fibrosis may right? Morning. Frank cowboy I'm doing great. The only guy know that looks good and ten the only guy on ten. Roger stone might be the only ones your mentor, Roger stone, Roger has a very very different fashion. Roger in an orange jumpsuit not. So you know, what? Roger it looks great. Orange top hat to go with his orange. Oh, you're in prison. Shades. But he'll be there. What what again hour before Donald Trump pardons? And I don't think he'll be convicted. They have no case, I think it's very thin in Ortho break it down for us in the sorry. How you doing buddy? Good. Wow. Look great. And it really pull off the tail. Behind the board dressed like a slob. That's right. I have enthused everybody. That's right. He means my oh, no. I know versa. Medical pause there. Good. Shame me sixteen right? Yeah. Did you get the shirt? Tommy bahama. Oh, good. I'm going to sit down. You're that's hosting of getting pardoned Chris Christie yesterday. Yeah. A million interviews, and we really should get them on the show, but CNN apparently did an interview with him. And he he made this statement. And I think it bears fruit here he thinks that there's no Russian collusion between Trump and the Russians because because he thinks most of the people in his inner circle too dumb in raising. Did he I he said disorganized, right? Position period, and that end before and showed really no sign of any leak. Can we be full full openness? Yeah. Absolutely yearning insulted. My outfits. We're I have a seventy after six so apparently a governor Christie's people call to come on the show. They said he's available if we want if we want. Did he call three freshman member? And I'm New Jersey, I'm just busting jobs jersey style. Here did anybody from drum flack it called before? Governor Murphy was let me call them when we called to my recollection. Remember, Frankie dean, executive producer of the program you call. Chris Chris Chris Amy called that say, hey, I'd like you going Joe show. I don't remember you from Albany. We need from Trenton. Did we remember now who called sorry? We got a phone call saying if somebody wants to promote a book or something. Yeah. What do you think boys? You know? You don't want to say that. But. Say that. No was welcome anytime. Sure. He's welcome anytime anytime. Absolutely. But I don't I'm not gonna go looking in calling. Saying, you know, because you know, I, plus I don't know that after the fact you should I'm so sad. And see this is the problem is when I'm going to say they're going to say, oh, Joe, you're so pro Trump, and I just play please stop with that. Because I'm so sick of the criticism of everybody. I'm thinking of criticism of every. It's like, and it comes right to the left left to the right. And I'm so sick of the now we after the fact, oh that Trump campaign was too disorganized. Russia. Don't stop criticizing, please. Can we just go on wooden forward? Can we just have some peace?.

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