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The other side eventually he does find the train station and there's predictably kind of a mob waiting to get on these trains but he pushes his way through gets to the train any sits down and the train leaves to take him home to nagasaki go it he's nagas size going from ceres she daily during nagasaki is going to nagasaki the next day and on an elect with does he find his family he gets to them he finds them at home spends a day swimming in and out of consciousness and the next day august nineteen gets up gets to mitsubishi headquarters he's bandaged up not looking very good and he starts telling his boss and his fellow engineers about this enormous bomb that had exploded and devastated the city and after a minute or so his boss cuts him off and he says that this is complete baloney you're an engineer calculated how could one bomb destroy an entire city and as soon as he finished saying that yamaguchi felt the same flash that he felt in a row shimon followed by that same more for a second time yamaguchi's thought while this was happening was oh my god he thought the mushroom cloud had followed him from hiroshima in a sense i guess he was right it had sort of followed him there and again in that flash gamma rays flood his body they would have created free radicals again and it would have attacked his dna a second time a second time he pulled himself up staggers out of the building knitted collapsed this time any cleanse of a hill nearby he starts looking over add nagasaki which is burning just like euro shimer was three days before and the sky is black with clouds again and he could see wear.

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